Glazers Out?

Since Malcolm Glazer bought Manchester United in 2005, the relationship with the fans has never been good.

From the months before the majority purchase of shares by the American millionaire took effect, thousands of fans spoke out against it, claiming that Glazer saw the club only as a business opportunity.

While that belief was true, Malcolm Glazer was never concerned about fan complaints, barely realizing his long-awaited purchase, ceded all power to his six children and never set foot in Old Trafford until the day of his death in 2014.

In economic matters, Glazer’s management was fruitful. The club’s annual revenues have increased exponentially and have made agreements with airlines, watch factories and companies around the world, promoting the Manchester United brand, transforming it into the best-known club in the world.

Speaking sportingly, the management of the Glazers must be separated into two stages: With Sir Alex and without Sir Alex. While Ferguson was in Manchester, the club continued to do justice to its glorious history, winning multiple Premier League titles, one Champions League and reaching one more final. In 2013 Ferguson decided to end his glorious passage through the Reds and a negative stage started.

That Premier won in Sir Alex’s last season would be the club’s last to this day. Coaches such as Moyes, Van Gaal, Mourinho and now Solskjaer passed, and they only won one UEFA Europa League and a couple of local titles. Even seasons have passed without competing to win the Premier League and others with embarrassing Champions League appearances.

As I said at first the Glazer family’s relationship with the fans was never cordial, with brothers Joel and Avram being the main targets as they are both the club’s presidents. Reproaches come mainly from running the club as one more of its companies, prioritizing the greedy accumulation of millions of dollars over the club’s sporting goals.

But it was the failed European Super League that eventually blew up the Red’s fans. As soon as the tournament was confirmed, fans, not just United’s, began to manifest themselves in rejection of this controversial idea, the complaints were so strong that they forced club owners to quickly withdraw from the Super League and Manchester was no exception.

After Manchester United’s withdrawal from the Super League, fans would not settle with that. After the Glazers’ failed move, fans saw the perfect opportunity to pressure them to eventually sell the club.

The operation is truly complex, the value of the club amounted to about $4 billion, which makes it difficult to find a buyer, coupled with the Glazers, as great businessmen they are, not going to give away a dollar to get rid of their shares.

The Glazer’s relationship with the fans is at its worst, the failed Super League will not come cheap to the brothers and will be more than ever under the magnifying glass of the fans, in the face of the next slip it is impossible to know what the reaction of the fans will be like so the future of the club will remain uncertain.