From Armenia to England: Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s journey

There were not much people who knew about a small country called Armenia, located in the middle of Asia and Europe. Henrikh Mkhitaryan was born in Armenia, Yerevan. He used to play for his country’s team until he moved to Ukraine and played there until 2013.
Because of how good player he was, Borussia Dortmund noticed him and bought. He played there for 3 seasons, scored and assisted a lot of goals. A lot of Armenians who live far away of Armenia go to the stadiums and support Henrikh.
After the Soviet Union was dissolved, Armenians didn’t really have a good football team. During Soviet Union, Armenians became champions and in that team Henrikh’s father Hamlet Mkhitaryan was playing.
Henrikh has always been close with his father. He was his idol.

“The year after my father died, I started football training. He was the drive for me, he was my idol. I said to myself, I have to run just like him. I have to shoot just like him.”

After 3 seasons in Germany Henrikh left for Manchester United. He played 2 seasons for the Red Devils and then left it for another English club Arsenal. Since he was young he has always loved Arsenal and it was a dream come true for him.
Henrikh won Europa League with Manchester United and the next season played in the Champions League with them.
And later when he left for Arsenal, he had to play in EL again because Arsenal couldn’t qualify for the CL. And just for Henrikh, one of Armenian tv channels bought EL, so all Armenians can follow their favorite Armenian player.
Armenians really do love football and they are proud of Henrikh. Because of him now people all around the world know where Armenia is. He makes Armenians proud.

Wenger on Mkhitaryan: “He’s a player completely focused on football, dedicated totally to the game, & comes from a country, Armenia, where you need special character to become a great football player. That’s why he looks happy to play football because he just loves it”

During his time in Manchester United, the team travelled to Russia to play there.

“Everyone knows Ibrahimovic calls himself the God. But when we landed in Rostov I told him: ‘You see who the real God is. “I’m joking. There were many Armenians chanting my name. After that he understood there is another God – me!”

This shows how much Armenians love and support him.
Now Henrikh is injured but hopefully he will be back and he will be ready to help Arsenal to win EL and qualify for the CL. Winning EL with Arsenal for Henrikh will be a personal record.