Who is the most explosive player in NBA history?

Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Julius Erving and Elgin Baylor are just some of the players in past years that rank among the NBA's most explosive players of all-time. In today's league, the most explosive players are a primarily young group.

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Who is the baddest player in NBA history?

Rick Mahorn. One of the most intimidating men to ever come out of Connecticut, Rick Mahorn was one of the baddest players on the most physical team in NBA history. Mahorn was the enforcer on the Pistons, and any time one of his teammates got into a scuffle, Mahorn was always there to back him up.

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Who is the physically strongest NBA player?

As arguably the strongest overall player in the NBA, LeBron James is doing it all this season. He consistently shows off how strong he is on both ends of the court. It is evident whether he is blocking shots or jumping over other players on the end of an alley-oop.

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Who has the most bricks in NBA?

44 players have blocked 10 or more shots in a game. It has occurred 160 times (including the playoffs) in NBA history. Mark Eaton accomplished the feat more times than anyone else in league history (19), followed by Manute Bol (18).

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Who's stronger Wilt or Shaq?

Wilt was definitely stronger than Shaq (although Shaq is a LOT heavier because he has a lot more fat than Wilt did). Shaq's excess fat has a negative affect on his stamina. Wilt averaged 46 minutes per game over the course of his career, and in 1962, Wilt only sat out EIGHT MINUTES of the ENTIRE SEASON.

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How much can Shaq bench press?

In your prime, how much could you bench-press? My max was 475. I'm up to 415 now.

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Who is the strongest NBA Player 2021?

#1 Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson has not even entered his prime but is expected to be the strongest NBA player currently. At the age of 21, Zion is 6'11" tall and has a 284-pound structure.

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Who is better MJ or LeBron?

LeBron James' statistics indicate that he is a much better overall basketball player. While Jordan scored more overall, LeBron is a more efficient player, shooting better from two and three-point range. LeBron is also a much better passer and rebounder than Jordan ever was.

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Who's the worst person in the NBA?

From Michael Olowokandi to Cherokee Parks, here are the 20 worst NBA players in history.
  • Michael Olowokandi.
  • Keith Closs.
  • Elliot Williams. Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports. ...
  • Javaris Crittenton.
  • DeSagana Diop. David Richard-USA TODAY Sports. ...
  • Hamed Haddadi. Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports. ...
  • Mark Madsen. ...
  • Lazar Hayward.

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Who is the fastest NBA player 2021?

The most relevant detail pertaining to the Kings was that De'Aaron Fox was named the consensus fastest player with the ball in his hands in the league. Fox finished with 59% of the vote, comfortably ahead of athletic speedsters behind him like Ja Morant, Russell Westbrook and Ish Smith.

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How Much Can Kevin Durant bench?

Kevin Durant

At the 2007 NBA Draft, Durant wasn't able to put up 185 pounds once. Immediately, the media speculated whether he would have any longevity in the league. The Durantula says he can put up 315 on the bench now. Sure, KD.

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Was Wilt Chamberlain fast?

Playing in an era of lead-footed 6'10” hulks, Wilt Chamberlain was arguably the most athletic center in NBA history. Chamberlain starred in track in addition to basketball at Kansas, running the 100-yard dash in 10.9 seconds.

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How do I train like Shaq?

I don't like to do anything special where I go and pick five different trainers. I just go into the gym like everybody else does. I do 20 minutes of cardio, I'll do some chest, bis, tris, sit-ups, back and then I'm gone. 30-45 minutes a day, plus cardio––so about an hour a day.

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Who is better Wilt or Jordan?

Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player who has ever lived—even better than Wilt Chamberlain. Jordan tied Chamberlain's career record of ten scoring titles, including a record-tying seven in a row.

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Who was better Russell or Chamberlain?

Yet, if we compare individual stats, Chamberlain beats Russell hands down. Wilt Chamberlain was the most dominant player in NBA history. In head-to-head matchups vs. Russell, Chamberlain scored more points, grabbed more rebounds, passed for more assists...and lost more games.

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Did Wilt have a 48 inch vertical?

Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain owns the highest vertical jump in NBA history, reaching a height of 48 inches.

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Has Steph Curry ever missed a 3 pointer?

Stephen Curry has missed 4,173 three-pointers in his career.

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How many 3s has Harden missed?

Harden has currently missed 4,457 threes, which makes it one more than Ray Allen who held the most recent record with 4,456.

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How strong is Adams?

According to NBA.com/stats, Adams averages 5.6 post-ups per game, 12th most in the league. On them, he's shooting 54.9 percent, the best mark in the league of any player averaging more than two post-up shot attempts a game.

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