What tight end has the most receiving yards all-time?

Tony Gonzalez has the most career receiving yards by a tight end, with 15,127 yards.

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Who has the most receiving yards by a tight end in one season?

Travis Kelce has the most receiving yards by a tight end in a season, with 1,416 yards in 2020.

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Which tight end has the best stats?

1) Tony Gonzalez

Let's take a quick glance at Tony Gonzalez's career stat line: 1,325 receptions, 15,127 yards, and 111 touchdowns. His receptions (third) and yards (sixth) are not only the most among tight ends, but they are both top-10 among all positions.

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Has a tight end led the league in receiving yards?

Kellen Winslow

Winslow was the first tight end to ever lead the NFL in receiving yards in consecutive seasons (1980-'81). Winslow made five Pro Bowls during his career.

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Is Rob Gronkowski a Hall of Famer?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski will eventually be a first-ballot Hall of Famer, but until then, it looks like he'll just keep filling up the gridiron museum with many of his on-field artifacts.

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NFL All-Time Receiving Yards Leaders (1935-2020)

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Who is the best TE ever?

25 Greatest Tight Ends in NFL History
  • Greg Olsen. Chicago Bears 2007-10, Carolina Panthers 2011-19, Seattle Seahawks 2020.
  • Jackie Smith. St. ...
  • Jimmy Graham. New Orleans 2010-14; Seattle 2015-17, Green Bay 2018-19, Chicago 2020-Present. ...
  • Jerry Smith. Washington 1965-77. ...
  • Ben Coates. ...
  • Charlie Sanders. ...
  • Todd Christensen. ...
  • Keith Jackson. ...

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Which TE has the most TDS in 2021?

Travis Kelce scored the most total touchdowns by a tight end in 2021, with 10 touchdowns.

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Who is the greatest tight end in NFL history?

1. Tony Gonzalez. In the history of tight ends, nobody has played the position better than Tony Gonzalez. Despite how grueling the position can be, he played 17 seasons in the NFL, missing just two games in his entire career.

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Which tight end has the most receiving yards 2021?

Mark Andrews had the most yards on receptions by a tight end in 2021, with 1,361 yards.

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Has there ever been a 2000 yard receiver?

Kupp is the first player ever in NFL history to have over 2,000 receiving yards in a season, having 2,191 yards through 19 games this year (regular season and postseason combined).

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Is Gronk the best TE ever?

“(Gronkowski) is one of the greatest; he can't say he's the greatest,” Giles added. “He was a lot better when he was a little bit younger, but he still didn't run away from a lot of people. I remember a guy that used to run away from people in the league — defensive backs, safeties, whatever, it didn't matter.”

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What tight end has the most Super Bowl rings?

Randy Grossman and Marv Fleming are tied for the most career wins by a tight end in Super Bowls, with 4 wins. Not what you're looking for?

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Who is the best TE in the league?

Let's dive into it:
  • Mark Andrews. Baltimore Ravens · Age: 26 · Year 4. ...
  • Travis Kelce. Kansas City Chiefs · Age: 32 · Year 9. ...
  • Dawson Knox. Buffalo Bills · Age: 24 · Year 3. ...
  • Dalton Schultz. Dallas Cowboys · Age: 25 · Year 4. ...
  • Darren Waller. Las Vegas Raiders · Age: 29 · Year 6. ...
  • Mike Gesicki. ...
  • Kyle Pitts. ...
  • T.J. Hockenson.

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Is Gronk the goat TE?

Tom Terrific is getting involved in said conversation, indicating that teammate Rob Gronkowski is the greatestt to ever do it. “It's been amazing to watch him perform. “He's obviously the greatest tight end to ever play the game and still doing it,” Tom Brady told reporters on Thursday.

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Who is better Gronk or Gonzalez?

Gonzalez currently holds the record for the most 100-yard receiving games by a tight end (31). Gronk has eclipsed the 100-yard mark 30 times in his career, and he wants to pass the legend in that category.

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What is the most receiving yards in a career?

Jerry Rice is the only player in NFL history with more than 20,000 receiving yards – the wide receiver racked up 22,895 receiving yards in a career spanning from 1985 to 2004. With an unrivalled number of receiving yards to his name, it is no wonder that Jerry Rice is considered a legend of the game.

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What records does Calvin Johnson have?

At the time of his retirement in 2015, he held several NFL records including the most receiving yards in a season (1,964 yards in 2012) and most consecutive games with 100 or more receiving yards (8). Johnson still holds the Lions' career record for most receptions (731) and receiving yards (11,619).

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Has any team ever had 3 1000 yard receivers?

The 1995 Atlanta Falcons produced the third 1,000-yard trio, consisting of running back/wide receiver/return specialist Eric Metcalf and wide receivers Terance Mathis and Bert Emanuel. Metcalf's 104 receptions are the most by any member of a 1,000-yard trio.

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Who has the most 100 yard receiving games in NFL history?

Jerry Rice holds the all-time NFL record with an incredible 76 100-yard receiving games, per Pro-Football-Reference.com's play index.

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Has anyone got 1000 yards rushing and receiving?

Christian McCaffrey joined Roger Craig and Marshall Faulk as the only players in NFL history with at least 1,000 rushing yards and 1,000 receiving yards in the same season.

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What records does Megatron hold?

NFL single-season receiving yards record

"Megatron" had one of the best careers of any receiver in the NFL, and in 2012, he was at the height of his dominance in the league. He caught 122 passes that season and recorded 1,964 receiving yards, breaking Jerry Rice's 1995 record of 1,848 yards.

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