What size surfboard is best for beginners?

What size is a beginner surfboard? A good rule of thumb for beginner surfboards is to start with a longboard that is about 3 feet longer than your height. So if you're 5'6” to 6'0” tall, an 8'6” to 9'0” longboard would be pretty ideal.

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How big should a beginner surfboard be?

A good rule of thumb is to opt for a 7'0" beginner's board if you weigh under 70 kilograms, a 7'6" if you weigh 70-90kg, and an 8'0" if you weigh over 90kg, says Harry Mann. The volume of foam in the board is measured in litres. When you're starting out, the more foam the better.

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What size surfboard is best to learn on?

Most beginners need a board over 7 ft in length. It's not just length however it's over all volume. The width and thickness of a board are important too. Most beginners are looking for a board at least 19 inches wide and at least 2 ½ inches thick.

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Is a 6'6 surfboard good for a beginner?

For kids under 12, something around the 7ft mark is ideal. If they're on the taller side, something around 6'6” or 6'2” in a fish surfboard. These are perfect for aiding progression in the early stages of learning. Choosing the right surfboard that has enough buoyancy or “float” helps in aiding paddling.

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What surfboard should I get as a beginner?


Softboards are only for beginners and are a cost effective way to get your first experience of fun in the surf. They are safer and you can surf between the flags on a softboard. Softboards can either have a slick or foam bottom much like a boogie board construction.

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Is a 7 foot surfboard good for beginners?

A good rule of thumb for beginner surfboards is to start with a longboard that is about 3 feet longer than your height. So if you're 5'6” to 6'0” tall, an 8'6” to 9'0” longboard would be pretty ideal. Is a 7ft surfboard good for beginners? Generally speaking, an 8 to 9-foot surfboard is good for beginners.

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Can you learn to surf on a 6 foot board?

Conclusion. To recap, yes you can learn to surf on a shortboard, but doing so will typically cost you a lot of extra time and effort vs getting started on a longer surfboard with more volume.

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What size surfboard should I get intermediate?

Intermediate surfers will often ride shortboards between 6'0″ and 6'6″, fish between 5'7″ and 6'3″, and step-ups between 6'6″ and 7'2″ (although it is important to note that a 7'2″ “step-up” for an intermediate surfer who weighs 200 pounds is going to look quite different than a 7'2″ minigun for a 145-pound pro surfer ...

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What type of surfboard is best for small waves?

Longboard Surfboards– The longboard is probably one of the easiest surfboards to ride. Its extra length and width give it tons of stability and paddling power. When the surf is really small, you should always grab a longboard. They allow you to surf small waves and ride them for a long time.

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How much volume should a beginner surfer have?

As a general rule, a beginner should be riding the equivalent of 100% of their body weight in volume. I.e. A beginner weighing 80kg should be riding a surfboard around 80 litres in volume. Alternatively, an experienced surfer can ride a surfboard that's 35% - 40% of their body weight in volume.

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Are Soft boards good for beginners?

As far as pros and cons, soft surfboards are generally much safer for the beginner surfer. With rounded, soft rails and more forgiving fins, it's harder for somebody that's just learning to surf to hurt themselves if they're riding a soft board. The boards are also extremely durable.

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What size longboard surfboard should I get?

Beginner surfers should get a longboard surfboard that is 9'4” long and around 23 inches wide. Experienced surfers transitioning from a shortboard should ride longboards that are at least 9'6” long and 22 inches wide.

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How do you determine surfboard size?

We all know our standard surfboard dimensions: length, width, and height (or, in the case of surfboards, thickness). Well, the basic calculation for volume would be all those measurements multiplied together (L x W x H = V).

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Are fish surfboards good for beginners?

The fish is great for beginners and also super fun for intermediate and advanced surfers for both smaller days and slightly larger swells, thus being coined a “fun” board. It keeps you floating on top of the water for an overall fun experience.

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Are longboard surfboards good for beginners?

Is it better to learn surfing with a shortboard or longboard? If you are a beginner, longboards are the best choice. Although it sounds strange, longboards are easier to use than shortboards.

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Can a beginner surfer use a shortboard?

This means that a shortboard requires very powerful waves and excellent technique to even catch a wave in the first place. As a beginner, you will not be able to surf powerful waves, and you will not (yet) have the technique to use a shortboard. Learning to pop-up on a shortboard is very difficult.

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When should I get a small surfboard?

Size down, ride the surfboard for a few sessions until it starts feeling somewhat normal, and then size down again. You'll most likely need to go through this process at least 5-10 times to transition comfortably from riding a 9' longboard to a 6' thruster or alternative shape shortboard.

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Is an 8ft surfboard good for beginners?

In order to paddle with any sort of vigor and mobility, you will need a long, wide board. A surfboard in the 8-to-9-foot range is typically 22-24 inches in width, which is the perfect general size for beginners, and the kind of board you'll find on this list (for the most part).

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Are smaller surfboards harder to ride?

Also, smaller boards are harder to paddle tiring a beginner out very quickly. When you are comfortable with catching the wave then a small board might which allows for greater maneuverability maybe the next step.

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Is it easier to surf on a long or short board?

Longer boards are better for beginners or for surfers who prefer the style and grace of surfing a longboard, Longboards are more forgiving and stable allowing beginners the stability needed to learn how to balance on a surfbaord.

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How do you know if your surfboard is too small?

The waves frequently roll under you and your surfboard.

Bigger surfboards tend to be more buoyant in the water and chances are your surfboard is too small for you. To get moving down the surface of the waves, you need to catch some speed.

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Is a 7 6 surfboard good for beginners?

Despite being bigger and heavier than traditional shortboards, surfing beginners will paddle faster and rapidly pop up on these stable boards. Quality foam surfboards can last forever. They range from 6' to 9' sizes. An average adult should get into surfing with an 8' or 9', while a child can learn with a 6'.

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How much should I spend on my first surfboard?

A beginner's surfboard may cost you between $380 and $1,030 or more. There's no need to purchase a professional or brand name surfboard at the beginning of your journey. You will only wear it out as you gain experience. You may even find that surfing isn't for you, so don't waste your money in the beginning.

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Are mini mals good for beginners?

MINI MALS. The Mini Mal surfboard or “Mid-length” is a great universal board that is well suited to beginners. It is a smaller version of a Longboard in a more forgiving and comfortable size range. Typically Mini Mals will range in size from 7 to 8ft in length.

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