What is an inside out swing?

An inside out golf swing is when your golf swing path starts on the inside or to the left of the target line and finishes on the outside or to the right of the target line. The concept with this type of swing is to hit the ball more in the back left-hand corner of the golf ball with a square club face.

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What does it mean to swing inside out?

What does swinging inside out mean? Inside out means that you are basically swinging across your target line as you hit the ball. Think of your target line as a line from the ball that runs straight to your target. Your ball always sits on the target line.

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What causes an inside out golf swing?

Poor alignment, too much shoulder or hip turn on the backswing and a downswing with too much hip slide will cause an inside-to-out swing. To get the club swinging down on the correct path you need to set up properly, have the proper shoulder and hip turn and rotate your hips toward the target as you swing down.

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Should a golf swing be inside out?

A golf swing should be inside out as opposed to outside in. The inside out golf swing promotes a bit more of a draw ball flight, and the distance is more consistent. The outside in can bring an unpredictable slice to some players.

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Why can't I swing inside-out?

You're Not Creating Space. Your position at the top can set up a weak downswing. As you swing to the top, maintain space between your right hand and right ear, or you won't have enough room to swing down from the inside. This will also correctly move the top of your spine away from the ball.

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?Golf Swing Inside Out Drills (COPY THESE!)

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How do you stay inside a golf ball?

Towel Drill

Setup to hit the ball; the towel should be help up in the armpit of your right arm. As you swing, the towel should stay in place on the way back and, most importantly, on the way down. As golfers make the transition at the top of the backswing, many of them allow the towel to fall and drop to the ground.

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What part of golf ball should you hit?

There is a short and simple answer to the question of what part of the golf ball you should hit. It is the rear, center portion of the ball. That's what will bring you the best result with the most swings.

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Where should your eyes focus when hitting a golf ball?

If you're continually hitting the ground before the ball, focus your eyes on the front edge (target side) of the ball during the swing. It may not seem like much—the diameter of the golf ball is just 1.68 inches—but shifting your sight line forward even this small amount nudges your center of gravity toward the target.

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Can you hit a fade with an inside out swing path?

The most powerful fade is a push-fade because the club travels into the ball on a shallower, inside-out path, which research shows generates more clubhead speed. Players who cut across the ball with the club coming from out to in hit with a more glancing blow.

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Is it better to hit a fade or draw?

There is an endless debate over which shot shape is better, the fade or the draw. Some will argue that the fade is better because it provides more control, and can offer a softer landing. Others will say the draw is superior because the ball with travel farther, and cut through the wind more effectively.

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What does a slice look like in golf?

A slice is a ball that curves away from the players dominant hand. So for a right handed golfer a ball that curves right. The key word here is “curves”. A ball that simply goes straight right is a push, and is caused for different reasons.

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Does Tiger Woods hit a draw or fade?

We saw at The Masters that under pressure, Tiger tends to favour a fade. Having a go-to shape is important and a fade is a slightly more gentle ball flight so it is a good safety option. Even when he hits a fade, Tiger still has some degree of clubface rotation through impact.

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Can Bubba Watson hit a draw?

“The straight ball is the hardest to hit, so I like to curve it,” he explains. “When the pin is on the left, I want to cut it in there,” Bubba says. “When the pin is on the right, I like to draw it in.” When setting up for a draw, Bubba says to start by closing your stance to the target.

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Why do draw shots go further?

Higher spin loft means more spin and a less efficient transfer of speed-producing energy to the ball. Higher loft and less ball speed produces less distance. And more spin means the ball will stop more quickly after it lands. The result: a draw will generally travel further than a fade.

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Could Lee Trevino hit a draw?

I could hit it high or low, draw or fade it, hit it 165 yards or 210, all with barely changing my swing.

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Why does Dustin Johnson bowed his wrist?

“I'm taking less, less movement out in the face,” he says. “I feel like it's a little easier for me to control where the ball's going.” The bowed wrist combines with the posture, foot lift, and leading with the grip to produce DJ's bombshell drive.

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Is it OK to have a natural fade?

There is nothing wrong with being a natural fade player, as some of the best golfers of all-time have preferred to move the ball from left to right. Depending on how well you remember shots from previous rounds, you may be able to go back farther than one round when working on this exercise.

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How do you fade without cutting?

If you struggle with slicing too much and want to reduce it to a fade, consider moving the ball farther forward in your stance. This will help you take advantage of a clubface that isn't as open as it is earlier in the downswing; hence, it should slice less.

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What causes a push slice?

A push slice happens when the clubhead is traveling directly down the target line or slightly inside-to-outside at impact, while the clubface is pointed right of this path. The rightward sidespin causes the curve.

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Should your hands be in front of the golf ball at address?

At address, your hands should be slightly in front of the ball – exactly where you want them to return when you make contact. Also, make sure your left wrist (for a right-handed golfer) is in a relatively flat, firm position.

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Should hands be in front of ball with irons?

The grip and hands must be in front of the clubhead and ball. Many amateur golfers believe that the grip and clubhead come back to the position they are in during the setup. The hands and grip must move forward before the clubhead in order to properly compress and control the ball.

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