What grip does Del Potro use on forehand?

Juan Martin del Potro uses the eastern forehand grip to hold his racquet. It is considered to be an unconventional grip since with the evolution in the game of tennis the grip has been outdated. Most of the ATP men use western or semi-western on their racquets.

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Why is Del Potro forehand so good?

The few key factors that allow him to hit with such pace and precision are: Eastern forehand grip, which allows him to hit a flatter ball over a wider range of contact points. His unusual take-back, which primes his stroke to use less wrist than most modern forehands.

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What grip should you use on the forehand?

Semi Western Grip

The semi-western is the most common tennis forehand grip you'll find in tennis today, and it is used by many of the top players. The benefit of this grip is that it allows for a great deal of wrist motion, whilst also allowing the player to hit through the ball.

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What forehand grip does Djokovic use?

When it comes to his forehand, Novak Djokovic's semi-western grip allows him to execute the four basic shots very well - the drives, the topspin shots, the angling shots, and the volleys.

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What is Nadal forehand grip?

Rafa's Forehand Grip

Like many of today's modern tennis pros, Nadal uses the semi-western grip to hit his forehand. Contrary to popular belief, he does not use a full western grip.

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Del Potro Forehand Analysis - Tennis Forehand Lesson

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Did Federer change his forehand grip?

2007 marked a successful year for Federer, but one thing became clear, his forehand looked different. First and foremost, he changed his racket and grip. He switched to the Wilson K- Factor 90 and adopted a conservative eastern grip.

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What grip does Zverev use?

Rafael Nadal and Alexander Zverev are among the players who use the Western grip.

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What backhand grip does Thiem use?

Thiem however has a more conservative topspin backhand grip. His knuckle is not quite on top but on the side a little. This is the grip used by Federer, Haas etc who have slightly weaker topspin backhands. Edberg's grip was even more conservative (close to continental).

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What grip does Tsitsipas use?

Roger Federer and Stefanos Tsitsipas both use the Eastern Backhand grip or a slight variation of it.

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What grip size does Rafael Nadal use?

Nadal uses an L2 grip size, and although he adds an overgrip to his racquet, this is still relatively small for a guy who stands at 6ft tall.

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Is continental grip good for forehand?

If you're hitting a slice forehand then, the continental grip is a great option. It is also used for volleys and the serve, but not recommended for forehand groundstrokes.

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What grip does Federer use on his backhand?

Roger uses the standard backhand grip which is basically an eastern backhand grip. He switches it slightly for when he slices the ball. This grip allows Federer to hit his backhand with both power and top spin. As you can see in the top knuckle (the index finger) is practically in line with the frame of the racket.

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How does Federer hit his forehand?

Federer uses a slightly modified eastern grip, it lies somewhere between the traditional eastern forehand grip and the standard semi-western grip. This grip means Federer can hit through the ball and take the ball on the up; allowing him to step inside the court and dictate play against his opponents.

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What is an Eastern grip in tennis?

Holding an Eastern Grip

Simply place the palm side of your index finger's knuckle against the third bevel of the tennis racquet if you're right-handed, or if you're left-handed, against the seventh bevel, and then firmly wrap your fingers around the handle.

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What is Eastern backhand grip?

The Eastern Backhand grip is obtained when placing the hand such that the base knuckle of the index finger and heel of the hand are right on bevel #1. This grip allows for significant spin and control. The opposite face of the racket is used compared to the Eastern forehand.

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What backhand grip does Wawrinka use?

Semi-Pro. Wawrinka seems like a strong guy, stronger than Federer. His grip is what one would call a "weak Eastern" grip (although many don't like the word "weak" in that context). It's basically a 1.25 grip, between continental and Eastern.

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What grip do you use for one handed backhand?

The grip for the one-handed backhand is eastern backhand grip, which is very similar to how we would grip the handlebar of a bicycle. Basically, we have to place the index finger's knuckle on the first bevel of the grip, which is the top side if we put the racket perpendicular to the ground.

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What is semi Western grip in tennis?

The semi-western forehand grip, will send the ball over the net at a higher trajectory, meaning the chances of the ball hitting the net and you losing the point are reduced. The top spin on the ball, brings it back down and ensures that it still lands inside the court, despite comfortably clearing the net.

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Who use Western grip?

Khachanov is among only a few current players — Kyle Edmund and Jack Sock among them — who use the Western grip, placing their palm under the racket, creating even greater topspin shots hit with immense power.

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Who has best forehand in tennis?

Roger Federer

Many refer to him as the greatest of all time, and for good reason. Roger Federer possesses one of the most technically perfect forehands the world has ever seen.

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How does Federer get so much topspin?

He used to put an extra rope over the net, over the regular tennis net, because we were making so many mistakes and the court was so quick,' Federer revealed. 'So by hitting it higher, of course, the ball doesn't skid through as much, and we had to play safer and it was very hard to hit winners.

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Did Federer Change tennis?

Roger Federer's the one who changed tennis in relation to the media. He's the one who lectured It is he who has promoted his sport the best in the last 50 years around the world. He has changed tennis for the better. It is not the number of Grand Slam tournaments won that will make the difference”.

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