What badminton rackets do professionals use?

What badminton racket do the pros use? Most of the top players use rackets from either Yonex or Victor. With these brands reguarly updating their product ranges its hard to keep track. Viktor Axelsen has been successful using the Yonex Astrox 88 S .

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Which badminton racket is best for advanced players?

Badminton Rackets For Advanced Players
  1. Yonex Astrox 88 D/S 2018 New Badminton Racket. YONEX Astrox 88 D/S 2018 New Badminton Racket (88S Emerald Green, Strung with NG99 @24lb) ...
  2. Yonex Astrox 99. Yonex Astrox 99-Weight/Grip: 4U/G5. ...
  3. YONEX ASTROX 100 ZZ Badminton Racket (Unstrung)

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Which racket is best for professional?

10 Best Badminton Racquets in India (April 2022) - Buyer's Guide
  • Best Overall - Apacs Z-Ziggler Graphite Unstrung Badminton Racquet.
  • Best Budget - Yonex Nanoray Light 18i Graphite Badminton Racquet.
  • Best Lightweight - Li-Ning G-Force Superlight 3600 Carbon-fibre Badminton Racquet.

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Which brand of badminton racket is best?

So, What Are the Best Badminton Racket Brands?
  • Duora Z-Strike. The Yonex Duora Z-Strike is a racket made for professionals using Yonex's aero frame technology. ...
  • Astrox 99. ...
  • Arcsaber 11. ...
  • Aeronaut 9000. ...
  • 3D Calibar 900 Drive. ...
  • Li-Ning Tectonic 7I. ...
  • Victor TK-F C. ...
  • Victor Jetspeed S 12.

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Which is the No 1 racket brand?

1. Yonex Nanoray 900. Founded by Minoru Yoneyama in 1946, Yonex has undoubtedly established itself as the biggest brand in badminton. Amongst its wide variety of badminton rackets, Nanoray 900 is arguably the one that screams success.

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Do Professional Players use 3U or 4U Badminton Rackets?

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Is Li Ning better than Yonex?

As i have used both the badminton rackets and after the same experience i would like to tell u that the li ning at the range of Rs. 2000 , gives a much better quality than the yonex badminton rackets. as now i am using a li-ning ss series racket and it is pretty much impressive.

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Which badminton racket is used in Olympics?

The Yonex Voltric Z Force II Badminton Racket was launched in 2014 prior to the All England Badminton Championships in Birmingham. The racket is used by World Number 1 Lee Chong Wei, replacing his original Voltric Z Force, and soon adopted as the racket of choice for many other international players.

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What racquet does Sindhu use?

1) PV Sindhu

Sponsored by Yonex, Sindhu uses the popular Duora Z-Strike which perfectly suits her attacking and dominating style of play. Duora Z-Strike is an offensive racket specially made to boost power, speed and control. It gives players a tactical upper hand on the court.

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Is 3U good for doubles?

Single players usually use a slightly heavier racket such as 3U rackets to ensure stability while doubles players use 4U rackets for more speed allowing them to react quicker against their opponents.

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Which is better 3U or 4U?

The pros and cons of a 3U is the inverse of the 4U. A singles player will find 3U better since speed is not so important but stability of the racquet head and feel is more important. The speed of the shuttle in singles and doubles is different. The doubles game is a faster game whereas singles is a slower game.

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What does G5 mean in badminton?

G3, G4 and G5 are the common sizes for racket handle. G3 means a larger racket handle whereas G5 is the smallest racket handle. Choose the size of the racket handle based on the size of your palm.

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Which racket is best for Smash?

Best Badminton Rackets for Smash and Power
  • Yonex Astrox 88D Pro.
  • Yonex Astrox 99.
  • Victor Brave Sword 12.
  • Li-Ning Extra Lightweight Windstorm 72.

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Which is better Yonex or Carlton?

Byro-Nenium Regular Member. In my view, these 2 brands are undeniably the 2 top brands in badminton equipment today. I find that Yonex rackets are better quality in terms of durablility and manuverablilty. Yonex shuttles are more consistent and durable than Carlton shuttles.

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Which racket does Kento Momota use?

Kento Momota is a Japanese Player and Yonex in collaboration with Kento redesigned the Astrox 99 badminton racket for the '20 Edition which is available in Navy/Sapphire/Gold color.

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Which badminton racket does Saina Nehwal use?

Saina Nehwal is currently using the Yonex Astrox 99. She has stayed partnered with Yonex throughout the majority of her career.

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Which badminton racket is best for beginners?

Best Beginner Badminton Rackets
  • #1 – Senston N80 Graphite High-Grade Badminton Racquet.
  • #2 – YONEX Nanoray 10F Hi-Flex.
  • #3 – Dynamic Shuttle Sports Titan G-Force 7.
  • #4 – YONEX Nanoray Light 18i.
  • #5 – Champion Sports Badminton Racket.
  • #6 – YONEX Arcsaber Lite.
  • #7 – Trained Premium Quality Badminton Rackets.
  • #8 – YONEX Astrox FB.

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Is LiNing Chinese?

Li-Ning Company Limited is a Chinese sportswear and sports equipment company founded by former Olympic gymnast Li Ning. The company endorses a number of athletes and teams worldwide.

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Which is the lightest badminton racket?

If you are interested in getting the lightest badminton racket that money can buy, then a search of available rackets shows that the Karakal BN-60 badminton racket weighs in at just 60 grams when unstrung.

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Who owns Li Ning?

Li Ning Company is a sports goods company founded in 1990 by Mr. Li Ning, a well-known "gymnastic prince" in China. After more than 20 years of exploration, Li Ning has gradually become a leading international sports brand company representing China.

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Why is Yonex a good brand?

For the extremely robust quality and innovative features, Yonex is one of the most reputable brands for the badminton racquets. The company manufactures and provides the most high-quality racquets. The Yonex racquets are the best for enhancing acute smashes, stability and speed.

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What is G4 badminton racket?

Grip size of badminton racket is denoted by “G”. Most racket manufacturers provide 4 - 5 grip sizes indicated by G1, G2, G3, G4 and G5. G3 grip size is of 3.5 inches whereas G4 grip size measures 3.3 inches.

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What is 3UG5?

3UG5 tells us the weight of the racquet as well as the grip size and can be found on the top of the handle of the badminton racquet (see image above).

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