Did Gerrard play for Roy Hodgson?

Gerrard played under Watford manager Roy Hodgson both for Liverpool and England and, unsurprisingly, speaks highly of the hugely experienced 74-year-old.

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Who did Roy Hodgson play for as a player?

Hodgson was a moderately successful youth player with Crystal Palace, but was never able to break into the first team. After leaving Crystal Palace he played non-league football for several years with Tonbridge and Gravesend & Northfleet. At the age of 23, he completed training to gain his full coaching badge.

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What position did Gerrard start as?

Lets take a look. While most would think of Gerrard as a central player, he has shown that he can do a job out wide. In fact, he started his Liverpool career as a right-back, and temporarily played there in the final of the Champions League in 2005.

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Did Steven Gerrard play under Klopp?

Gerrard never played under Klopp at Liverpool

Steven Gerrard left Anfield in the summer of 2015 after making 710 appearances for his boyhood club which saw him win the Champions League, two FA Cups, three League Cups and the UEFA Cup before he departed for LA Galaxy in Major League Soccer.

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Did Gerrard play CDM?

Described by Rodgers as the start of January as “critical”, Gerrard's move into the central defensive role came at a time when many questioned the relevance of Anfield's long-serving messiah within the Northern Irishman's tactical system.

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"It was uncomfortable playing under Hodgson." Steven Gerrard opens up on Liverpool and Roy

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How do you play like Gerrard?

5 ways to boss the midfield like Gerrard, Pirlo & Lampard
  1. Combine. the play of your idols. ...
  2. Work hard for the team. Playing CM isn't easy, it requires incredible amounts of running, N'golo Kante for instance runs (on average) 11.75km every single game. ...
  3. Know your surroundings. ...
  4. Play the ball. ...
  5. Switch up the attack.

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When did Gerrard join Aston Villa?

His senior managerial career began in 2018 with Scottish Premiership club Rangers. In his third full season in charge, Gerrard's side went unbeaten in the league to win Rangers' first league title in 10 years. In November 2021, he became the manager of Aston Villa.

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Who is the best player Steven Gerrard played with?

Another one of Liverpool's greatest ever strikers, Michael Owen has also been acknowledged by Gerrard as one of the best he's ever played with.

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What kit number was Gerrard?

Steven Gerrard - 28 to 8

The Reds' legendary midfielder started out wearing the number 28 at Liverpool.

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Who is better Lampard or Gerrard?

On stats alone, Lampard may look like he has the upper hand with 274 club goals compared to Gerrard's 190. He also won three Premier League titles with Chelsea, a competition that eluded the Liverpool legend throughout his career.

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What boots did Steven Gerrard wear?

Gerrard has worn the Predator Instinct, LZ & X, Predator Powerswerve, Predator Absolute and nitrocharge 1.0 in his career.

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Has Steven Gerrard left Rangers?

Steven Gerrard's departure from Rangers will cause the Scottish champions a “certain amount of disruption”, handing rivals Celtic a “massive favour”. The new Aston Villa boss was presented to the media for the first time in his new job on Thursday morning.

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When was Gerrard in his prime?

1. 2008/09. We're basing these rankings on personal performance though, and you could argue that Gerrard reached his peak in the 2008/09 Liverpool side which came close to finally ending the club's wait for a league title.

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How many years did Steven Gerrard play for Liverpool?

But that was Gerrard through and through during a 17-year Anfield career: The Scouser who grew up to captain his boyhood club, to be one of the best in the world, to collect trophies.

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How many goals did Steven Gerrard score for Liverpool?

He has racked up over 700 appearances and scored over 150 goals during his career at the club. As a result of these feats, plus the fact that Gerrard is a "local lad" having been born in Merseyside, Gerrard is depicted as one of Liverpool's greatest footballing icons.

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Who did Steven Gerrard play with at Liverpool?

Gerrard was discovered by his local upper-division football club, Liverpool FC, at age nine. He played for Liverpool's youth squad and signed a professional contract with them at age 17. His first-team debut came in 1998, and he became a regular contributor the following year.

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