FPL tips and what to look for on 1/14-1/15

Written by Jorge Velasco

Introducing another great gameweek of matches coming up and should be by far the most crucial gameweek yet. Starting this weekend, I will release an article on FPL recommendations (Fantasy Premier League) before the weekend comes. So, let’s get grinding!

Tottenham (3rd with 42 points) vs. West Brom (8th with 29 points) 6:30 AM


A new year means that every Fantasy player gets a new shot to come back with a wildcard. A wildcard means that you have the ability to change your entire team around and have a fresh new start. So back to the game, Tottenham have won their last five games, bringing home all 15 points and taking three away from Chelsea.

Out of four games, Dele Alli has scored six, taking 36 valuable fantasy points. Facing a strong-coming West Brom that has won 3 out of 5, I think theoretically it’s a tad late to add Mr. Alli to your team, but in reality, things are going great for him and you should add him, coming from a guy who is 5048th out of a 200,000 man league. Talking about men, Christian Eriksen has been feeding his teammates more than usual, pulling 3 assists and three goals in the last five games. For now, consider him as a secondary pick, but if this continues, I’d say sub him in because once Eriksen starts, it doesn’t seem like he’ll stop.

Elite picks: Dele Alli (8.5M)

Secondary picks: Christian Eriksen (8.6M)

West Bromwich

West Brom have been on a roll, or at least in their terms, they have been. I agree, considering at this point in the season, they were fighting for a place in the table.

The one player I will recommend is Matt Philipps. He has been on fire, getting 81 from the last 11 games for only the price of 5.6M. He’s been such a bargain for me and loved him ever since. He’s brought West Brom to their feet and should become a problem for the back line of Spurs.

Elite picks: Matt Phillips (5.6M)

Secondary picks: None

Burnley (12th with 23 points) vs. Southampton (10th with 24 points)


Returning home to Turf Moor after a well fought defeat against Man City, Burnley are shaking that off and bringing positivity to the ground. With them battling against 15th to 9th place with teams that have points with a 3 point margin, there’s no doubt in my mind to say that there’s no room for error. This match against the Saints should really test Burnley and what they’re really made of.

It should also bring in a lot of goals, since they will most likely be attacking more than defending. Although their teamwork is very reliable, the goal scoring isn’t in terms of who does. I have Andre Gray playing due to Sadio Mane being gone for AFCON, but for now, I’ll leave the Burnley squad alone.

Elite picks: None

Secondary Picks: None


If Southampton’s three game losing streak doesn’t end soon, then they will have a lot of problems for the squad. Off a potential 9 points, 0 were taken advantage of and nothing was complete. But the men who have really caught my eye are Jay Rodriguez and Dusan Tadic.

Although not scoring nor assisting in the past three games, these two have been committed in each of the Saints plays every time a play is made. In simpler words, the team relies on them two to either feed or be fed. For now, I’ll keep these two as secondary, but like I said, keep in mind this will be a high goal scoring game, so you never know what’ll happen.

Elite picks: None

Secondary picks: Jay Rodriguez (6.3M) Dusan Tadic (7.0M)

Hull City (20th with 13 points) vs. Bournemouth (9th with 25 points)

Hull City

At this point in time, there’s no way to describe Hull City. Marco Silva has just arrived, and with a Cherry team who are fighting to earn their title as the underdog of the league, this match should prove whether Marco Silva is or isn’t the real deal. Sure, it’ll be his first match, and neither me nor anyone else really expects much out of him, but it should be an interesting way to welcome him.

Nothing really catches my eye when talking about a last place team, but the real leader for the tigers is no other than Robert Snodgrass. His impact for Hull have not only made them feel more intrigued, but has built up stamina for the days to come. Out of the last six games, he has averaged over six points for only the price of 5.8M. In my mind, that’s without a doubt a bargain and an elite play for that price. If he manages to keep this up, he will get into my team of the month.

credit dom fellowes

Elite plays: Robert Snodgrass (5.8M)

Secondary plays: None


The cherries are not doing so badly as everyone is saying they are. With a 3-3 draw against a top form Arsenal, win from Swansea, loss from Chelsea, loss from Southampton, and win against Leicester City, they can pull this out of the bag and take it on from here. With Nathan Ake’s removal of the squad, Simon Francis will now start in the 1st team.

Ryan Fraser and Callum Wilson have been on the uprise lately with an 4 point a game average. Not the best but if you’re in desperate need, then I suggest those two as safety options.

credit Chris Parker

Elite picks: None

Secondary picks: Ryan Fraser (4.8M) Callum Wilson (6.2M)

Sunderland (18th with 15 points) vs. Stoke City (11th with 24 points)


I’m sorry to all Sunderland fans who read this, but it’s time for them to go to the Championship. It’s long overdue and I just don’t want to see them salvage themselves for the 100th time out of relegation. With Sunderland coming to The Stadium of Light with an important 2-2 draw with title contenders Liverpool, that should be a morale boost to everyone and could possibly get them out of the relegation zone.

Jermain Defoe has been Sunderland’s top goalscorer this season with 11 goals with a 6.3 point average. This is probably the best time to get him due to his price that will eventually sky rocket with this kind of average. As an elite play and as my striker, I expect a lot out of him and will most likely be in my TOTW (Team Of The Week)

Elite picks: Jermain Defoe (7.8M)

Secondary picks: None

Stoke City

Stoke’s season has been a roller coaster. Beginning with 17 points out of the 40 that were not taken advantage of, Stoke really need to step of their game. They have a lot of resources, including players like Shaqiri, Joe Allen, and Bojan, all Stoke needs is time and its players devotion to it. It’s as simple as it sounds to be honest, and I think if Mark Hughes begins to translate that into his practice, thing will go very smoothly.

Not too many things pop up in this team, but if certain players show effort, I’ll make sure to include it next time.

Elite picks: None

Secondary picks: None

Swansea City (19th place with 15 points) vs. Arsenal (5th with 41 points)

Swansea City

This one will be a very interesting match because of Paul Clements first official match in charge. (Although he was at the Palace-Swansea match, he was not coaching) The Crystal Palace win was something else. I was at Selhurst Park to witness it, and I was absolutely speechless. It was an incredibly well fought match for both sides and I think Paul Clement is grabbing the reigns correctly.

Gylfi Sigurdsson has really been taking the captains armband lately, being the stronghold of the team and bringing everyone together. He loves to play the ball to his teammates in such fashion and can also strike the ball with no fear. For those reasons, he is an elite play and there will be no secondary plays for the time being.

Elite plays: Gylfi Sigurdsson (7.3M)

Secondary plays: None


This is the match that Arsenal need to catch up on the table, facing a struggling Swansea side that is winless in four matches. With that said, it really should mean that they should attack and potentially switch up their formation, playing Giroud, Lucas Perez, and Alex Iwobi as the top three.

Alexis Sanchez is averaging over 1.5 assists per game with a bonus and a 90 minute bonus. If this continues, he will become a elite play. Speaking of consistency, Oliver Giroud has been making a mark the last three games for the Gunners. Scoring 4 goals in the last three and assisting twice. The same for Alexis goes for him.

credit joshjdss

Elite plays: None

Secondary plays: Alexis Sanchez (11.9M) Oliver Giroud (8.7)

Leicester City (15th with 21 points) vs. Chelsea (1st with 49 points)

Leicester City

As the reigning champions have started the New Year with a step in the right direction, they will be trying to fill in the spot of Jeremy Schlupp. With this problem, they will now rely on their 5 strikers to step up and take it up a notch. With Vardy, Slimani, and Okazaki all starting, it will be tough for Claudio Raineri to decide to is the most decisive in front of goal.

For the Foxes, it’s simple: Since they have only scored 3 goals in 5 games, it’s safe to say that subbing someone in from this team is a “risk”. For that reason, I’m going to have to opt out on this one.

Elite plays: None

Secondary plays: None


Just seven points clear of first, Chelsea seem to be cruising as smoothly as Roman Abramovich’ 600M pound yacht. I did notice that their defense isn’t as tough as everyone thinks it is. At the Spurs-Chelsea game, David Luiz was clueless on who to guard and Marcos Alonso continued to run down the wing as if he saw a twinkie everytime. Something’s wrong there.

Besides the defense’ errors, things in the upper field are running as planned, with Diego Costa having the season of his life alongside Eden Hazard. With Leicester’s defense slipping up, I think Diego will take the chances that he is given and, as my striker, I do expect him to score.

credit Ben Sutherland

Elite plays: Diego Costa (10.6M)

Secondary plays: Eden Hazard (10.4M)