Football is nothing without fans

Football is nothing without fans

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It has become such a cliche to speak of football grounds as cathedrals but like most cliches it holds a grain of truth to those who observe it closely. There is a similar sense of worship. Places where those of differing genders, beliefs, sexual persuasion, race and football views congregate to share and celebrate their dreams. The true fans leave behind something of themselves, a leaving of raw emotion. A tipping will point will come when the finances become unsustainable.

Football is still the peoples game.

It is not the property of the capitalist monsters who treat it as a plaything or a profit centre. There are those who have had the joy of playing for large sums but they SHOULD (but probably don't) when they can no longer cut it become revert back to being a fan. I assume a lot of footballers go to games with their children now and that if they enjoy it should become a precious thing. It's my game, it's your game, it's our game. It represents a community. We are the people who will prop it up long after TV money is long gone. Players deserve to share the prosperity. This isn't justification for the numbers at all. But people aren't taking the TV subscription because the fascination by boardroom bullshit. A balance needs to be struck before a wedge is driven between those who play and for those who pay for emotional release football can provide.

Fans can always make the presence felt. They are a positive force for the common good. Think of the impact of Liverpool supporters boycott in protest of ticket prices, the movement of fan owned clubs. Look across the football league and applaud well organised campaigns against awful foreign owners at historic clubs like Leeds and Charlton. Revolution is in the air.

Football as far as far as I'm concerned is players playing and people watching. No one cares about the corporate conceit. That is business while football is art science with poetry and theory. Football is nothing without fans. An empty stadium is as cold as a tomb. Seats empty are gravestones. Football is nothing without footballers who reflect the passion that they generate. Empty hearted mercenaries who apply the kiss of death to the badge of whatever club they represent inspire anger & frustration.

The FA have lost sight of the responsibility as the supposed guardians of the game. They have allowed themselves to become a pale imitation of the monster that has been spawned. The Premier League is cleverly presented and commercially astute but tear off the mask of modern times and you see a vampire sucking blood at the game and it will unless a stake is driven through its heart.

Economies have been ruined across European football as well as in England. Serie A bears the scars of neglect. Ligue one has been enslaved by psg and the Qatari owners. Portuguese primera liga is a little more than a farm in factory form. Despite defiance by Atletico Madrid la liga is warped by the political and social culture that Real Madrid or Barcelona. The bleakness of Blackburn, Chelsea, United and Man City buying the prem was neutralised by Leicester. But the majority of communities foreign owners are going to ruin what we cherished. Without wishing to ruin the point as trying to see from someone who earns all should conclude they are part of the problem.

Why should the young generation be denied the opportunity that the older generations were given to fall in love with the game? If we keep going as we are they will be priced into indifference. Football has become a vehicle for the egos of owners who don't recognise their real role, as custodians of the game. Heritage must be cherished and protected with ferocity.

Sport often holds up a mirror of society.

People run business.

Football is the peoples games & always will be but we're losing that grip.

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