Football divided more than ever?

After such a positive week for football with fans making their return to stadiums for the first time since March it really saddens me to hear of the incidents at Millwall and as recently in Turkey in the week especially as football is supposedly a game for everyone and simply put any discrimination shouldn’t be happening in this day and age.

This is especially as we are in very uncertain times but as someone who has suffered discrimination at football like many others I’m proud of Ilias chair for his celebration last night as he took the knee during a celebration for QPR’s win over Millwall.

The all too common scenes of players walking off the field of play, it’s true we have come very far in recent times but there’s still lots of work to be done and some may even feel that we are heading backwards but it’s clear it’s not enough so I urge the EFL and many more sporting organisations to bring harsher implications on culprits and stand with people rather than against them and if you’re at a game this weekend support your team no matter what because we’re all human and it shouldn’t matter who’s in the stands or on the pitch

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