The first three Newcastle players that need to be shown the door

The first three Newcastle players that need to be shown the door

Last update: 12 May 2016 Tags: Newcastle United. Categories: Premier League.

As a Newcastle United fan myself it pains me to write this, a second relegation in eight years for the Mike Ashley owned Magpies. Now while there are many factors for this, including bad management and bad ownership, the main glaring problem is some of the players who pull on their shirt week in week out and never give 100%. Here are 3 players I believe should be the first to go in the rebuilding of this once great club.
1. Papiss Cisse

I'm sure many Toon fans will agree with me when I put him on the list. He had one amazing half a season and scored some sublime goals. His fall from grace came quickly in the next season, bagging the same amount of goals in 47 games that it took him 14 to get the previous season (13). Since then he has looked progressively worse, no hold up play or aerial ability of which to speak of. His ability to finish seems to have disappeared too, needing six easy chances to get one goal, something a number nine at Newcastle should never need. An absolute disgrace to that historic shirt.
2. Moussa Sissoko

Probably one of the laziest players I have seen in a Newcastle shirt in recent years. Sure he turns up for a game or two a season, but when you constantly say how good you are and want to play in the Champions League I think you should at least try to break into a jog sometime during a game. Don't get me wrong he has ability but lacks the attitude starting week in, week out with a low goal and assist rate he is a big reason why the Magpies have gone down.
3. Fabricio Coloccini

I used to love watching Coloccini play.  He stayed with us the last time we got relegated and was a rock in the heart of defence for a couple of seasons after. Unfortunately the last few seasons he has shown a sharp decline in both defensive ability and leadership quality. As a captain if your team concedes a poor goal you surely would expect a reaction? This has not been the case from Coloccini. He's not the strongest or the quickest player, and his ability to read the game is poor which is why it's time to say goodbye to the Newcastle Skipper.

These are the three main culprits I feel Newcastle United need to get rid of as soon as possible. Do you agree? Are there more players the club urgently need to get shot of? Feel free to comment below!