Fire the bullet before it’s too late! – Mazzarri Out!

Written by David Robinson

Watford Football Club for me have to be considered in a relegation battle following yet another defeat at the hands of another poor quality side in Crystal Palace. The seven point gap that separates the Hornets from the drop zone should give comfort going into the last 10 games but if anyone has paid close attention to Mazzarri’s side in what has to now be recent months will know that the Italian’s management is likely to put Watford in trouble.

Quite frankly the side looks helpless, devoid of any ideas, structure and motivation. It doesn’t matter if you have the players capable of staying well clear of danger, if you contain those type of ingredients then you can be outfought, you can be outworked so talent and ability is merely not enough, that’s what’s happened to Watford against Palace, that’s what’s happened plenty of times against inept opposition, sides that aren’t displaying genuine quality, they aren’t even having to work ridiculously hard to get goals and points, a huge worry for the club going into the final straight.

It’s fairly simple, the manager has to get the bullet. In modern football, players get off lightly and to an extent they shouldn’t get off too lightly in recent weeks but I really believe they are being held back by appalling management. It has to be time to go before it’s too late, there is no future here for Mazzarri, you cannot turn on a switch, the sign’s have been there for months even when Watford were in healthier positions such as 10th. So it is not fickle to suggest that when the going gets tough you put the blame on the manager, we’ve been getting away with glaring inefficiency’s for quite a while due to the lack of quality around us and potential that I believe this squad has.

Of course it’s easier said than done to find a ready made replacement but Walter Mazzarri is dragging the club into a dogfight. Fire the bullet before it’s too late…

Watford fans, are you Mazzarri out? Let us know in the comments below!