Fantasy Social Distancing Garden Party

Fantasy Social Distancing Garden Party

Last update: 12 June 2020 Categories: Featured, Other.

10 days into the garden social gatherings with family and 7 days till football commences got me thinking who would be my fantasy guest list if I had a welcome back football BBQ.......

Government guidelines state only 1 person can work the BBQ, as the host I want to work the garden and keep my guests fully watered at all times so one of my guests would need to be Grillmaster supreme. Only one footballer could do this job, he is a great all rounder on the pitch and I am sure he can cook too.....welcome to the party Mr James Milner. Watching him on Twitter he will certainly be a good laugh and probably clean up afterwards too.

You always need a few good story tellers at a BBQ whilst the night draws in and if I had to pick a couple of footballing legends I wouldn't go for the obvious I would invite Norman Whiteside & Marco Van Basten. Growing up in the 80's Big Norms light lit bright for a short period but he fitted so much in. Football wasn’t on TV much so to me he was a mythical football personality who retired long before the Premier League. Marco retired early too but we got to see a lot more of him and it was admiration at first sight when he volleyed his goal in the 1988 Euro Champs final. Listening to him talk about his glory days would be special, he dined at the top table of world elite footballers.

My final invites will be for 2 men who will definitely not turn up empty handed, Ray Parlour will bring the Cobras and David Beckham surely can afford to bring a few bottles of verve clicquot? After this intense lockdown I am sure David will be happy for some time away from the family. Ray Parlour's association with Alan Brazil slightly let’s him down, I’d hope time at my BBQ will remind him their are better drinking partners. Becks would be able to have a Fergie moan up with Big Norm too.

Please let me know which footballing personalities you would invite to your socially distant BBQ!