Fan View: Watford vs Middlesbrough

Fan View: Watford vs Middlesbrough

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Written by David Robinson

Watford take on Middlesbrough at Vicarage Road on Saturday in what looks to be a crucial game in the Premier League. 14th takes on 16th but Karanka's side will have the opportunity to leapfrog the Hornets with a win. Both sides have just 2 wins in 10 in the league so taking the three points would be massive. I look to see how the Vicarage Road faithful are feeling going into this match by asking questions to three Watford fans...

Q: 20 games in, what's the overall feeling going into the Middlesbrough game?

A: @HornetsRelated: A mixed bag of feelings, on one hand I am slightly worried at the prospect of our form going from bad to worse if we lose this weekend. Due to the unsustainable amount of injuries we have had to play 2 0r 3 players out of position alongside playing fringe/youth players. On the other hand, there are some positives to come out of this. We have realised how much potential Doucoure has and we have seen youth players show more passion in one game than half of the players have all season.

A: @craigmelson: The overall feeling is one of frustration, we've been hampered a bit by injuries.

A: @birmowfc: I am not enjoying it at the moment. I'm not sure if it's being in the Premier League, knowing you won't win certain games or the fact the Championship is far more open as a league. I don't feel part of the club as much anymore. Again, I'm not sure if that's a Premier League thing or because we are in very poor form.

Q: Are you Mazzarri in or out? Does this one have a feel of must win for the Italian?

A: @HornetsRelated: I am Mazzarri in, but only just. It is partly his fault we haven't recruited effectively for this season, we took too many risks on players who just weren't proven. And we kept 2 or 3 players I would consider deadwood. He has done okay as we have had some memorable wins against the likes of Manchester United but we have also lost to some sides we should be rolling over. The next few weeks will be massive for him as the fans are starting to lost patience.

A: @craigmelson: Mazzarri in, there is no point in changing now, although I wonder if he was the right choice to begin with. Mazzarri seems to have the confidence of the owners and can still shield behind the injuries so I think he's safe. We need to win to avoid being dragged down into the relegation fight.

A: @birmowfc: Mazaarri shouldn't be in at all. There seems to be a lack of harmony at the club and if Capoue is saying that the interpreter is having to outline team talks, then this is poor. It's January - surely some command of English should have been made by now. I don't see how Walter Mazzarri can be inspiring to the players. He, like Quique Sanchez Flores has his favourites.


Q: What's going to be the key battle for the game?

A: @HornetsRelated: The key battle will be in our own half. We have struggled with coping with crosses and set pieces so far this season so if we can defend them, we have every chance of winning.

A: @craigmelson: The key battle will be defensively I think. Boro are picking up goals now and we're terrible defensively. The key is to manage their width as our 3 at the back get caught out A LOT by crosses

A: @birmowfc: Key battle is in midfield - only because I have no clue who he will play!

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Q: How do you see the game panning out?

A: @HornetsRelated: I can see this one being a difficult game for both sides, as Watford and Boro are both desperate for points and morale to ensure they don't end up in a relegation scrap. I can see this being a close encounter as long as the Hornets can prevent crosses from being delivered into the box.

A: @birmowfc: I can see it being a rather defensive game which with us is a massive risk.


Q: What is your score prediction for the game?

A: @HornetsRelated: 1-1

A: @craigmelson: 1-0 Watford

A: @birmowfc: 0-0

Thank you to the three Watford fans for taking part. Make sure you follow them on Twitter and leave your comments in the section below!

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