Exclusive Interview: GLENN POOLE - Career Highlights, Why he became a coach and more!

Exclusive Interview: GLENN POOLE - Career Highlights, Why he became a coach and more!

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THE BIG INTERVIEW: Midfield Mastero Glenn Poole

Glenn Poole: Glenn Poole is an English footballer who has been up and down England contributing to the success of teams and winning trophies but now has turned his attention to coaching besides keeping goalkeepers on their toes and leaving them picking the ball out of the net. One of the most memorable achievements that Glenn has got is helping Brentford win the League Two trophy back in 2008-2009.

Glenn took Brentford fans away from storm from the moment he set foot on the pitch and signed on a free transfer in the Terry Butcher reign. He took his chance with everything he could give as he was a tricky left winger. Glenn started his career at Huish Park when he signed for Yeovil back in 1999 but he failed to make an impact and therefore was sent out on loan to Bath City to then see his name on the back of a Ford FC shirt in which he became a hit scoring 33 goals in 80 games for the 2 years that he was there. After that he would then go on to sign for teams such as Thurrock and Grays Athletic in which he had a lot of playing time but it was in the year 2007 when Glenn was attracting attention of clubs following his release from Grays Atlethic and this led him to Terry Butcher signing the slick winger who always has an eye for goal.

I would like to say Thank you to Glenn for taking the time to answer the questions that I asked him and the time and effort he has put into his responses. You can follow Glenn on Twitter @Pooley11

He is also a football coach now which is mentioned below. If you would care to see more: glennpoolesocceracademy.co.uk

​Here is the interview with Glenn.

ME: Your best career goal and why?
GLENN: I have been lucky enough to score many great goals in my career. Some absolute screamers but my favourite and best goal has to be my volley from a pulled back corner for Brentford against Wycombe. It was the goal that I am most remembered for whilst at the club.

ME: What would be the one highlight of your career?

GLENN: Winning the FA trophy with Grays Athletic at Upton Park in front of all my Friends and family. I managed to score also with the game live on Sky. It was the culmination of a great season and year with great lads in a great team which I finished top scorer with 21 goals.

ME: Your best team mate that you have ever played with and why?
GLENN: Ledley King was simply unbelievable when we were at Tottenham as kids up until I left at 18 he was always going to have a great career. Such a shame he was blighted with injuries as he would have been an England regular during his career. Top player!!

ME: What made you pursue a career as a footballer!?
GLENN: As a child I always watched football and played it whether it be for my team, school team, district team or even over the park and it was all I wanted to be as a kid. Nothing else even entered my head and I've been lucky to be involved in football and paid for it since I was 16 years old.

ME: Where did your desire come from to be a coach?
GLENN: I first started coaching when I was 18 at Yeovil Town coaching kids and I really enjoyed it. Once I went part time at 21 I did my first badges and always had it as another option. I then worked on schools for my mates company whilst I was a pro at grays and again really enjoyed it. So much so when I left the pro game at 30 I started my own coaching company.

ME: What advice would you give to an upcoming footballer!?
GLENN: Practice, practice, practice. Always be willing to learn, listen, work hard, be coachable, have a good attitude. Don't get sidetracked. Most importantly be positive because if you don't believe in yourself nobody will. Never give up and most importantly enjoy yourself.

ME: Who was your favourite team to play for?
GLENN: I have enjoyed playing for most of my clubs mainly Redbridge, thurrock, grays, Billericay and obviously Brentford. But Brentford was an amazing experience as I felt loved by many many people there and am still highly thought of which I find amazing even 7 years after I left and I will always hold Brentford in my heart such a great club with great supporters.