Excitement of a new football season awaits

Doesn’t time fly by when you’re having fun, by the time this article goes out, Watford FC would have completed two weeks of pre-season. They then fly out to Austria for a weeks’ intense training, including a couple of friendlies. They will then fly back to good old Blighty to play QPR on Saturday 27th July @3pm in a friendly at Loftus Road.

As Watford have chosen Austria for a number of pre-seasons, I did a bit of research on what Austria is famous for, other than castles, orchestras and paintings, I may be a bit ignorant, but I didn’t realise they are famous for ‘The Waltz’. Perhaps they go there each season to teach some of the Watford players a few dancing routines – in particular Issac Success maybe? There have been one or two video clips of him on Twitter, showing his dancing moves recently; he needs lessons.

After watching the England Ladies National football team, I was quite impressed by some of their performances, though some of the standards of refereeing was abysmal. That is an area I feel FIFA needs to invest time and resources into training the Women referees.

The use of VAR did cause some controversy and is a subject area I will come back to later in this article, but I did get hooked into the games. I hate to say it, but the ladies did put us men to shame, by the way they behaved and approach to the game. Well done girls!

One of my interests is, I am a member of Proud Hornets (www.proudhornets.com) an LGBT Football Supporters Group aligned to, but run independently of Watford Football Club. We have been only operating nearly 3 years, but we have great nucleolus of members who meet up prior to home games and attend some away games. We were really privilege to attend our second London Pride event this month and good time was had by all (see article https://mailchi.mp/7591d9dfd859/help-setting-up-our-rainbow-laces-display-361693) . What I loved about the day there were different football supporter groups mingling, having banter and taking pictures with each other. That’s what football should be about as well as our rivalry which adds to the excitement of football.

Yes; some elements of society still have an issue with the LGBT community and I get cross that for some, we still can’t be accepted. I would just say this; Why are you frightened? We are human beings the same as you, we have the right to be on this earth the same as you, so accept it and move on!

Hopefully the taboo of a professional footballer coming out gay will end soon, so that players can truly feel comfortable. All football teams need to be stricter with supporters, themselves including the authorities and the relevant institutions. Please show some back bone!

It would be wonderful to have more new members to join us, so either contact us at info@proudhornets.com or via our main website above.

Since the Pozzo’s have arrived and with Scott Duxbry at the helm, every season, they have always enhanced the experience and view of Vicarage Road. This season is no exception, with further development work being undertaken in the hospital corner of Vicarage Road Stand, and the TV screen being placed on the roof. I am not sure yet what is going to happen with the opposite corner (Rookery and Elton Jon Stands), but I do seem to remember that this will be eventually filled in, but I could be wrong. The club have truly created a Jewel of a stadium something as a supporter we can be proud.

Now the dreaded VAR. Whilst technology needs to be used and it will take some time for referees to get use to it, the EPL should issue a Video for all clubs to screen prior to the first few games and on club’s website to show how it is to be introduced, and when it is not to be used. This I think will help with any communication, but also retain the excitement too of its use.

I do believe that where this year there was a wide gap between 6-7th place, VAR could have its benefits for the next tier of clubs.

I hate it when people say ‘Watford is punching above their weight’, or ‘a club of our size’. I know we can’t compete financially with the likes of Man City, Chelsea, Man Utd, but we can have the same ambition. Why accept for second best?

Finally do I have any predictions on how we will get on this coming season. It’s too early to tell as, once the dust settles in terms or players coming and going, but it does add to the excitement of a new season.

The EPL is not an easy league and all sides are there for a reason, but as I always say COYH’s.