Premier League - Who will get relegated and why!

Premier League - Who will get relegated and why!

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The bottom half of the table has shifted around a lot as teams are looking to battle it out with the bottom half to see who goes down and who stays in the Premier League.

Crystal Palace

Palace's form has been horrendous, having only won 2 out of their last 12 matches. With that said, their schedule doesn't bring any good luck as they are playing West Brom, Tottenham, Chelsea, Southampton, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man City, and Man U for their last matches. Big Sam has not fully adjusted to the Palace squad along with techniques and formations brought on from his West Ham days. Not to mention, they average about 1.27 goals scored per match and 1.77 goals conceded. Playing 6 top 6 teams in the next 12 weeks and having such little time to get things right, and currently sitting in 18th place, I think the ship will sink and it'll be time for Palace to experience the Championship.

Leicester City

The Premier League champions have seeked the impossible (the irony) and are battling to stay in the top tier with only 12 games left. The Foxes secured a surprising win against Liverpool, bagging 3 goals alongside 3 points to wipe the sweat off their heads. Leicester don't have too much on their hands compared to other clubs, only having to face top top 4 teams. But, that doesn't exclude the fact that they're still in danger. They currently sit in 15th with 24. This is what the table looks like:

15.) Leicester City, 24 PTS -17 GD

16.) Swansea City, 24 PTS -25 GD

17.) Middlesborough, 22 PTS -9 GD

18.) Crystal Palace, 22 PTS -13 GD

19.) Hull City, 21 PTS -27 GD

20.) Sunderland, 19 PTS -24 GD

When you take a glance at that, you can tell that there are worse teams than Leicester. But Leicester's morale have increased and decreased after the win against Liverpool and the sacking of Claudio Raineri. You don't see a team win the title for the first time in the clubs history and then the next year end up in the relegation zone.


Every year, Sunderland have found a way to escape relegation. Every. Year. Right now, they're in last place two points behind 19th place. It's somewhat a win/lose situation for them. Win: they have Jermain Defoe, who has 14 goals in the season and doesn't look like he's stopping anytime soon. Lose: they play Man City, Man Utd, Arsenal, and Chelsea. The real loss is that their last match is against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, and right now that's a definite loss. By looking at this, it must be their year to go down.

Who are you tipping to go down? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Jorge Velasco