England's Euro 2016 squad is a disgrace

England's Euro 2016 squad is a disgrace

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Written by Matthew Flannery

Roy Hodgson is a liar, a fraud and a dinosaur. All through the selection process, Hodgson stated that the reason he may not be considering players like Mark Noble and Jermain Defoe was that he'd be more inclined to call up players who had helped England through the qualifiers. Yesterday this was shown to be a blatant lie thanks to the selection of Marcus Rashford.

Marcus Rashford is the kid who only made his professional debut in February 2016, who is now going to EURO 2016 with England.  This is a joke, and nothing short of pure incompetence by Roy Hodgeson who will be solely at fault if the young forward fails to impress and is never seen again on the international stage.

Whilst the inclusion of Marcus Rashford over a seasoned and in form professional such as Jermain Defoe might be misguided, the selection of Jack Wilshere is delusional.  Wilshere has played only 141 minutes of football this season, with his only start coming on what should have been the last day of the Premier League season against the worst team in the league in Aston Villa.  It is beyond doubt that Jack Wilshere is a very good player and under normal circumstances would be a shoe-in for a place in the England squad, but for him to be included in this year's EURO 2016 squad over the likes of Mark Noble and Michail Antonio who have both been hugely successful this season with West Ham and undoubtedly warrant a place ahead of the perpetually injured Wilshere.  All of this must leave English players not in Roy Hodgson's or the FA's good books feeling rather disillusioned with the current selection process, and who can blame them when they have been arguably amongst the stand out English players this season.  This is evident in Defoe's recent interview stating that he had done "everything I could do" to get into the England squad.

If Hodgson has picked this squad, then he is questionable as a manager.  But I don't believe that he has had full control over the selections.  The FA wanted to appoint a 'yes man' in 2012, and a 'yes man' is what they got.  I half hope, for his sake, that he isn't fully responsible for this squad and that he has had guidance from his superiors to pick DA-approved players.  But if this is indeed the case, then the man is a fraud and English football is doomed.

What did you make of the squad selection by Hodgson? Did he make the right call? Let us know in the comments below!

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