Why England Will Never Win Anything Ever Again

Written by Luke Shephard


From the FA, to the first team, to St George’s Park. From top to bottom, the England set up is an absolute shambles.

Does anyone look forward to an International break? It’s fair to say the answer to that is no. The England football team is a waste of time, and everybody knows it.

Think back to Euro 2016. England supporters were genuinely looking forward to the tournament, looking forward to seeing what the media was calling a “young vibrant squad” go out and make the nation proud, Roy Hodgson’s last chance to earn himself a new contract, a tournament where supporters were expecting a young team to come together.

England played well despite drawing 1-1 with Russia, it was a good game with both sides creating chances and playing at a high tempo. However, from there the team went downhill. England nicked a late 2-1 win against Wales, then dropped 2 points against Slovakia in a very poor game. What happened next will shatter the England national team and the FA’s reputation for many, many years to come. The 2-1 defeat to Iceland was by far England’s worst performance and defeat, certainly in my lifetime. England were a disgrace and an embarrassment to the nation.


credit Ben Sutherland

Roy Hodgson resigned immediately after the game, the day after there was a humiliating final press conference. Sam Allardyce was appointed as his successor, even me, a long time moaner and sceptic of the England national team,was excited by this appointment. Allardyce let himself and the nation down, I doubt he will ever get a job in football again.

Gareth Southgate is imminently appointed as caretaker manager, Gareth Southgate, the FA’s dream, a ‘yes man’, a puppet, a clown. Gareth Southgate has achieved absolutely nothing to put him even in contention of getting the England job, and would be lucky to get a job in the third tier of English football.

Southgate’s first squad selection, much like his second, is stale, boring and a team of national failures. Why not mix it up a bit? What’s the point in picking a squad of players when they are only chosen based on the club they play for? Three prime examples of this are Rooney, Smalling and Sterling. Three players which should be nowhere near the national team. Rooney is finished as a footballer, Smalling is a joke of a centre half and Sterling is one of the most overrated players in history. Why not pick a team of young, hungry players? Someone like Andre Gray at Burnley would be a good pick for the next squad. Don’t pick players based on their clubs, base the nation on their effort, work rate and eagerness to play for England, because some players simply don’t look like they want to be there.


credit cchana

Dele Ali has been a big disappointment so far for England, there is still for him to come through and develop, but so far, I’m not convinced.

I would only keep Three players from the starting eleven that beat Scotland. Walker, Dier and Lallana. They for me are there players that excite me, and really look like they want to be there doing their all for England.

Did anyone really enjoy the match on Friday night? I certainly didn’t. Firstly, let let me just say that is by far the worst Scotland team I’ve ever seen, they were very poor. England never came out of second gear, I turned it off on seventy minutes due to pure boredom.

The FA needs major reform, I want football men on the FA, the head of the FA worked for a biscuit company… That’s just who you want as head of the football association… Not!

Who should be the next England manager? Certainly not Southgate. I would personally be looking down at the lower leagues. I want a leader in that dressing room, someone who will get the players going, the opposite of Roy Hodgson and Gareth Southgate.

Will England ever win anything again? I don’t think so. If so we would have to have major reform in a such a short space of time. We are miles behind the Germany’s and Italy’s of this world, right from the grassroots. I would end on a positive note, but with the England national team there is nothing positive to talk about.

Is it really all this bad? Is there hope for the national team? Let us know in the comments below!

featured image by cchana