England – ready to compete continentally

The dwindling significance of English teams in the context of Europe has seen a growing impotence in the last few years, since Chelsea’s remarkable campaign of 2012, English teams have fallen badly short of success next to europe’s elite. I don’t support a Premier League side, but I long for April’s European nights with Martin Tyler attempting to remain impartial – despite his longing for English prevalence. I too, am like Martin; I’m not patriotic but for some unbeknown reason, an English side’s success in Europe is absolutely captivating. Maybe it’s the wistful nostalgia of titanic ties, Torres’ celebrations, Ronaldo’s genius or Arshavin’s heroics of the norties.

The German Gergenpresser And Spanish Tiki Taka has undermined the frantic pace of English football, our sides dominated and embarrassed by silky Italians and brilliant Frenchmen. Yet out of the struggle, 17/18 has brought a resurgence, City, Liverpool and Spurs all challenging against the dons of world football. It’s no wonder why either, ironically English teams have neglected the harshness of typical English football. Instead they’ve adopted the tactics which previously killed them – Gergenpresser and Tiki Taka. The revival is glorious to witness, and for some reason everyone seems to be swept up in it.

The success of the implementation of foreign tactics in to the English game, highlighted by Klopp’s Liverpool on a global level, and Wagner’s Huddersfield on a national level shows a growing openness to ingenious foreign tactics. Liverpool’s campaign isn’t down to the Kop, or You’ll never walk alone. It’s due to an openness to foreign innovation. This is encapsulated by the adoption of the chant “Allez Allez” by Liverpool fans, which although new to England has featured on the continent for years.

Apparently, English managers ‘need to be given a chance’ but Pardew’s crippling failure at West Brom and Big Sam’s underwhelming display as Everton’s manager challenge this. Foreign influences enhance the Premier League, increasing competition and standards across the football league. We all love an English side’s success continentally, and we’ve got our Spanish and german innovators to thank for success abroad.
Long may Allez Allez and the Gergenpresser grace the English game.

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featured image credit liverpoolfc.com