End of the road for Ole? Dreamland for Liverpool

End of the road for Ole? Dreamland for Liverpool

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It's one of the standout fixtures of the season, a head-to-head between two great clubs in England's north west corner. Manchester United with 20 league titles, Liverpool with 19. After the latest contest it looks all the more likely for Liverpool to equal the record and who would bet against the Reds winning another Champions League.

There is no doubt that the latest Liverpool performance has sent a firm message to not just fellow title contenders but also the rest of Europe. We mean business, we have the best players at Anfield, we're not afraid to take anyone on. But how good were Liverpool at Old Trafford? That wasn't really Liverpool in fifth gear. We know they can go further, which in itself is scary and presents a warning to Manchester City and Chelsea.

In truth though it was both Liverpool playing brilliant stuff but also a Manchester United team that just lacks cohesion and collective responsibility. The players are not playing for the manager and in Ole Gunnar Solskjær it is really hard to see how he survives in the job for much longer. There is an expectation that he will stay, but for how long? Until the next international break with the Manchester derby to come or maybe until the end of the season. Antonio Conte is being mentioned as a replacement but is he the right man for the job? Who is? Who would want to take the Manchester United job? One of the greatest football clubs in the world, it's a mess and going in no direction.

Where does the Liverpool drubbing leave Manchester United in the title race? I would say that's it. Unless a miracle happens it is extremely unlikely a 21st Premier League trophy will arrive at Old Trafford, even the fight for a top four position is now on. Other trophies are available for Solskjær, but for Liverpool the title is well within their sights. A three horse race now until May? In my view it is hard to argue otherwise. Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool are the three teams now capable come May, but there are still going to be plenty of unexpected moments to come, potential slip-ups can happen. There is no use in getting carried away, the season is far from finished.

Another All Out Football podcast recorded. Delighted to be joined by Sam Organ to talk the red half of Merseyside and Harry Dunnett 33 miles along the M62 for the Red Devils.