Does football ever stop?

As I ponder what to write as my first article, does the football season really stop? I recently visited Malta, where whilst this was my third trip there (my first being back in May 1990 on tour with Watford). I was thinking, will Watford ever be part of a European Tour and for it to become the norm under the Pozzo Ownership? My sense after the excellent season we had (18-19), it won’t be long before we are. Yes, our performances were not great since winning the Semi Final against Wolves, but there are the core attributes within the club there to take us forward and that includes all of us being united as one. (I will talk about how we can be united in later articles).

Walking along the promenade near Selima, where bars that weave in and out of the fantastic coast line, and various TV’s showing the Nation Leagues games (a competition I still can’t understand the rules), and outside temperatures of plus 35 degrees, it won’t be before long I will be freezing the proverbial ‘bits off’ sitting in the Rookery cheering the Golden Boys on and conversely moaning about the team. What will the new season bring I ask myself, and how many of you will still get nagged at by the other half or other members of the family for not completing the chores or jobs you promised you would do? Though I expect some of you will say its not just in the close season, it’s all year round!

As my trip to Malta came to an end, waiting in the departure lounge at Malta’s International airport I waited in anticipation for the fixture list to come through on my phone. Where has the time gone? The current football season has only just finished, and not wishing to remind myself of the 6-0 mauling by Man City. Whilst waiting in the Easyjet queue to board the plane home, as the announcer called for the speedy boarding customers to come through first, which to me is a complete rip off when you all get on the same bus to board the plane. I see no advantage to this service at all. However, I digress, my phone buzzes and the fixture list came through. Brighton at home on the 10th August a repeat of last year’s home game. Scanning through fixture list I think the EPL is going to get more difficult this year. Then I ponder, will the introduction of VAR close the gap that the ‘big boys’ get the perceived benefit from the referees, will the gap between 6th and 7th close? I am not so sure, as there will be mistakes made with this technology. Roll on the 10th of August.

I think there is something like only three weeks before the International games finish and then majority of clubs report back for preseason training on the 1st July. So does football really stop for us fans? For me no, as there is always an interest to follow, potential new signings, developments at the club, international games etc . To me this is one reason why football is such a unifying game, of bringing different people from all walks of life together that it truly never stops.

What do you make of these thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!