Do young British footballers futures lie in the Bundesliga?

For young British footballers at  English clubs, it is getting increasingly unlikely every season that they will break into the threshold of first-team football and get regular game time and be a mainstay.

With that probability getting smaller and smaller every year, it seems to some of those footballers that their career is over even before it has begun.

But in last twelve months, we have seen very well sought after products in Jadon Sancho, Ademola Lookman and Reece Oxford head to the Bundesliga to play first-team football and mainly develop and those three particular may have just created a so-called ‘new thing’ and a trend.

All in all the 2017/2018 season alone has seen five English born players ply their trade in the Bundesliga. As mentioned, Sancho, Oxford and Lookman are on the list. The other two players are Mandela Egbo and Kaylen Hinds.

Egbo and Oxford both were at Borussia Monchengladbach, Kaylen Hinds is at Wolfsburg; Lookman was at RB Leipzig and Jadon Sancho is excelling at Borussia Dortmund.

With England’s various youth teams having a successful 2017. The under 20’s won the World Cup in South Korea, the under 19’s won the Euros in Georgia and the under 17’s picked the world title in India.

Oxford and Lookman were part of the under 20 World Cup winning side, but have not been given a chance at West Ham and Everton respectively. Sancho was a runner-up with England but more importantly, was voted player of the tournament for a string of excellent performances.

Any other nation would play some of those players from the various victorious squads over that previous summer and put them within the first team. It seems with the Premier League the way it is a young player within is going to have to do something incredible.

With the Premier League having untold riches to every team and almost having an unlimited budget in some cases that can buy most players on the planet, youngsters at top clubs it seems have suffered the most with this.

For some youngsters that work tirelessly to be a professional, that chance to live their dream from a young age can sometimes be a missold and pointless dream.

But whilst in Germany, trying and integrating the youth into the first team fold of the clubs is an essential ingredient to every top club and is embodied into the club’s DNA.


featured image credit skysports