Do Huddersfield have what it takes?

After the recent Match-up between Premier league Goliath’s and the Mid-table terriers, it was safe to say the gulf in class between the two teams was apparent. Although City’s empowerment was not shown in the 2-1 score line the game was dominated by The Citizens. Adding this to the 4-0 thrashing of Bournemouth the week before, it left many fans of football asking if Huddersfield have the spirit to face the drop.

It’s no secret that David Wagner is a tactical genius capable of many great achievements and when he got the terrier’s promoted to the Premier League the whole footballing world looked on in awe as the small Yorkshire club made their comeback to the First division for the first time in 45 years. Combining this with the club finishing the previous season with a -1 goal difference meant that the club was immediately tipped for relegation.

However by the time Huddersfield’s first Premier League game was in front of them they managed to dominate the game leading to a 3-0 score in the new boys’ favour against Crystal Palace. Even though the London team started the season off badly, going on to not score a single goal in 7 league games it then took a little bit of pride off of Huddersfield’s first performance back in the top flight. It still drilled a special place in the Town fans’ hearts.

Once the second game of the season rolled around the Huddersfield loyal got a chance to experience their heroes play at home in the John Smith’s stadium. The footballing world was eagerly waiting for the chance to see if their first win was down to luck. The Terrier’s didn’t disappoint and the game finished 1-0 in Huddersfield’s way against the Championship’s preceding winners Newcastle. It was The that it became clear that Huddersfield may not be the laughing-stock that everyone may have thought.

Nonetheless their triumph was a passing occurence as they slowly began to lose form, losing to teams like West Ham and Swansea and then being annihilated by the powerful Harry Kane and his Spurs counterparts 4-0. But it was not all doom and gloom in this period as they also stretched out a few fine results like draws against Leicester and Southampton. But sadly after that the team plummeted positions in the league and they quickly became one of the Premier League’s most inconsistent teams and that is until the game against Manchester United came along.

By the time that Huddersfield faced themselves up against Manchester United the spirits were high but heads were low and with a banner quoting “It doesn’t count how big you are or how experienced you are, as long as you have passion and desire you have no limits.” The scene was set and Manchester United were looking to breeze past the Yorkshire town with ease to extend their unbeaten run to 9 games. But then Huddersfield showed no limits and full resilience to topple one of football’s biggest giants and beat them 2-1. With goals from Mooy and Depoirte stunning the footballing world again as they keep doing so many times.

Fast Forward to the 27th of November and the Yorkshire club are sitting pretty in a solid 11th. After suffering heavy defeats from Bournemouth and Man City the club are will be relived to have not dropped further down the table. But the spirit is still there in the Terrier’s camp and when a whole town, a whole fan base and a manager believe in the unbelievable there really is no limit to the strength of such a small dog like a terrier or to a club like Huddersfield.

Nevertheless the competition in the Premier League is now tougher than ever and with multi billionaires investing what is essentially pocket-money change for them into clubs weekly, it forces the more teams to spend more. With a manager sacking happening every week there is always an off-form team and with the surprise packages being West Ham and Crystal Palace struggling so far. The relegation battle could change in an instant and there is always a danger of any club, at any time being sucked into the danger area and it only takes a bad run of form to fall down places in a League so tight of that the Premier League.

Conclusively I hope that Huddersfield stay up and continue to thrive as a Premier club for the following years, which is an ideal situation from a Huddersfield fan’s point of view however I feel like in reality the pressure will eventually creep up on Huddersfield and they may slide doesn’t the places however with a strong loyal and believing fan base and club, anything can happen.

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