Deadline Day Opinions!

Deadline Day is always full of drama, with so many rumours and so many deals flying around it can be a lot to get your head around. It is a standout day for fans across the globe as they live in hope for that final transfer that can make all the difference or equally as important, keeping hold of that star man. There will be so many bits of business happening today but we at All Out Football will be looking at the main transfer activity and give our verdict on whether clubs are making the right move.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – Arsenal to Liverpool – £35 million

The first major deal of deadline day is Oxlade-Chamberlain’s transfer from one top six side to another which always poses an interest. We have seen Matic go from Chelsea to Man Utd which for me and many others, caused disbelief. However this doesn’t have the same feel as Oxlade-Chamberlain is still yet to convince that he has what it takes to be an established top six club player. He’s now 24 and he hasn’t kicked on in similar fashion to Walcott when both joined from Southampton.

We still don’t know where his best position will be, something that points to the fact he is to a degree a jack of all trades but master of none and for every direct run past an opponent we can equally see a poor delivery follow. While the potential is still there, the fee is not what he is worth even in this inflated market in my opinion.


I can’t understand why Liverpool have made this move, Chamberlain’s prime position is as a winger, a position that the reds already have superior alternatives in the form of Mane, Coutinho and Salah. With the English International surely not willing to sit on the bench after this move, it begs the question how will he fit in. He’s already talked about adapting as a central midfielder, a position he’s previously played in for the Gunners but such an adaptation will not be straight forward and once again Liverpool already have enough in their ranks in this department. It is no secret that Liverpool need to sort their defence and goalkeeper out so if Klopp doesn’t bring anyone in before the deadline shuts, he deserves a lot of criticism for failing to deal with such an alarming problem that continues to hinder the club. This money should have been used for a Virgil Van Dijk type signing which would have had a far greater impact on the side than Oxlade-Chamberlain is likely to. While this again fits the Klopp mould and it’s important to note that under a different manager we could see a far more vibrant Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, I think Liverpool are not learning lessons and should have made a different choice to this one.


So this deal leaves Arsenal £35 million richer but while it looks good on the bank balance, where does it leave the club with what really matters, the chances of winning football matches? I believe AOC is no loss and they have sold him for a very good price. Once again the problem now lies with the recruitment to strengthen the squad and again if Arsenal do not find a late replacement then even further questioning of Arsene Wenger is justified. They have got themselves in a real mess. If they continue to play a three at the back system, this dents their wing back options massively and so they will now be looking for answers from Wenger, which to be frank is not encouraging in the slightest. We’ve seen for years now that Arsenal are not recruiting the right type of players with Xhaka, Ozil and co. all creating this susceptible squad that will roll over without much fuss. We can only wait and see if they get a deadline day player in otherwise it’s more shocking business from Arsenal because there’s only so much you can do by sitting on cash.

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