David Luiz End of Season Exit

It is with regret that I write this article to say that David Luiz has decided to leave Arsenal at the end of the season. I know many people aren’t his biggest fans but anyone who knows me, knows I think highly of the Brazilian. This article is to commemorate my favorite moments with David Luiz whilst he was at Arsenal.

I remember when we signed him. It was deadline day 2019. Unai Emery had already signed our priority target, Kieran Tierney from Celtic. Then all of a sudden, I get news that David Luiz, just after him signing a new Chelsea contract, is coming to London Colony. I remember thinking, “No. Can’t be. He’s signed a new deal with them.” But then low and behold, I see Arsenal tweet, “Welcome to Arsenal, David Luiz.” Mind blowing.

Then the season stars and I start to see him play. I was impressed. I thought to myself, “Yes. This is the kind of defender I want in my team.” We all knew the problems with Mustafi. For me, Holding isn’t good enough. I also thought we finally have the perfect pairing with himself and Sokratis. I had even more faith in David Luiz when he scored his first goal for the club against Bournemouth in which we won the game 1-0. But, deep down I knew mistakes would happen as they do with all defenders.

Cut out a few months and the first COVID-19 pandemic, we faced Manchester City at the Etihad in our first game back in the Project Restart. Pablo Mari received an injury and David Luiz was subbed on in his place. But then disaster struck as he pulled the shirt of a City player (don’t remember which one) and gave City a penalty which resulted in a red card for him. After the game, I saw many tweets abusing him and calls for him to be released from his contract. But, Arteta had faith in him and gave him a one year extension. I myself still had faith in him.

Then he came back and I saw improvements. Despite a few losses, I saw the David Luiz I wanted to see getting back on his feet. We then reached the semi final in the FA Cup once again against Manchester City. We won 2-0 and David Luiz’s defending on the day was class A. I feel he managed to redeem himself. We also won the FA Cup with him in the team.

I now sit here typing this article remembering those moments with David Luiz with a smile on my face. I feel him and Gabriel have made a great pairing this season. I will be sad to see him leave but I wish him all the best in the future. I hope he was glad to play with Willian for one last season.