Danny Simpson's Tweets are not what Leicester Fans want to see

Danny Simpson's Tweets are not what Leicester Fans want to see

Last update: 2 March 2017 Tags: Leicester City, football, Jamie Carragher. Categories: Premier League, Featured.

Jamie Carragher is no stranger to controversy and twitter drama so as you could imagine, he was soon to have a say on a particular tweet from Danny Simpson.

When pictures arose of Jamie Carragher at Everton's training ground, of course, people were going to be outraged. But one person you wouldn't expect it from would be the recent Premier League winner, Simpson. The tweet which caught the most attention though, was this.

Carragher, the one-time Champions League winner and two-time FA Cup winner, questioned Danny on his team's recent form; to which the Leicester man had no response but to mention the fairy-tale that was last season. But is this the attitude that we want to see from him?

It's safe to say that Leicester hasn't hit top gear following up on the best season of their history. Currently battling relegation and a big task on their hands in the Champions, with the dismissal of Claudio Ranieri currently leaving them without a solid manager, they have to dig deep in the hopes of salvaging something from this season.

A word you hear a lot in modern day football is 'mentality', but that's what it all comes down to in the Leicester camp. You can say what you want about their downfall, whether you think it's because of Kante's dismissal or the expectations from last year; there's no question that if the mentality was right at the start of the season and throughout, things would be a lot better.

The argument was quite enjoyable from a neutral perspective. And we're sure Danny got the last laugh...


- Kian Long