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With the the prime-minister halting test events allowing fans back into stadia the main question is how many clubs will survive come the end of the pandemic.

Of course this week sadly began with Macclesfield being expelled from the National League with many things to blame as well as the pandemic such as incompetent ownership which led to wages being paid late and players striking. Macclesfield were wound up in court with over with 500,00 pounds in debt. But the EFL have stood back and let this happen to numerous clubs which is inexcusable such as the Bury situation.

The Macclesfield owner amar alkhid


As we know fans are the life blood of any club and integral to its success and survival and with many clubs heading in the same direction such as Wigan and Southend it’s hard to believe that nothing has been done to save the historic clubs that mean so much.

Southend have less then 42 days to pay off a £493,000 debt

The thing that frustrates me is that that Premier League clubs on the doorsteps of these clubs continue to turn a blind however Sheffield United boss Chris wilder has pledged to send money to nearby struggling clubs.

Despite everything going on, I have faith that we could have dealt with the covid situation and finance issues in a more suitable way as its been proved via the test events that we could go to games as normal and follow the government guidelines.

A test event at Brighton’s Amex stadium took place earlier this month

I get that it’s strange times and a difficult situation but I doubt even the government knows about the process they’re putting forwards with the amount changes going ahead so it’s about time we all went back to normal to set things straight.

My final appeal to the prime minister and the EFL is this. Many people are suffering due to the lack of actions being made to support people and football clubs alike so let fans in and give us a chance change that and give extra funds to people and places that need them to help them to survive and get through these trying times.

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