Congratulations Wenger, But Your Time Is Up!

Written by Lee Clarke

It was supposed to be a night where Arsenal proved their Champions League credentials, an evening where the Gunners showed the rest of Europe that they have players capable of competing with the continent’s elite. Instead it became a reality that whilst Arsene Wenger is at the helm of the club, they won’t get anywhere close to competing for European football’s top prize.

The 5-1 drubbing at the hands of Bayern Munich ensured an embarrassing evening for the Gunners fans who had saved for months to follow their team, on the back of empty promises by Wenger, deluded into thinking the likes of Francis Coquelin, Gabriel and Alex Iwobi can compete with the very best German football has to offer.

Bayern were good last night, scintillating at times, but each and every goal which they scored was down to defensive frailties from the Gunners. Exactly what are Wenger and his staff doing in training for a defence to look so inept and amateurish?

credit Ronnie Macdonald

Regardless of what happens this season Wenger’s legacy is hanging in the balance, indeed if the Gunners fail to secure a top four spot, some may even forget that the silverware laden period in the 90’s and early 00’s ever existed.

Each and every campaign sees the Gunners’ season toil into catastrophe around February and the 2017 edition of the soap opera could get even worse should they lose to minnows Sutton United in the FA Cup on Monday night. They couldn’t, could they?

Don’t get me wrong Wenger has done some truly great things for English football. Three Premier League titles, six FA Cup’s and a Champions League Final berth are not to be sniffed at. Let’s not forget that the Gunners have also qualified for the Champions League in 18 consecutive seasons.

credit Ronnie Macdonald

His work in establishing Arsenal as one of the country’s top clubs should be fondly remembered by the Gunners contingent, as before he arrived they were even further behind their divisional rivals than they are at present.

Being a devout Frenchman the Arsenal boss will know a thing or two about red wine, the difference between a good bottle of red, however, and Wenger, is that whilst one gets better with age, the other has been tossed aside and shown a clean set of heels by his Premier League rivals.

Wenger just isn’t up to scratch when it comes to the modern day demands of the English Premier League and in a period where his rivals are plummeting cash left, right and centre, the French boss is more worried about signing 16-year-old kids who might be good at some point in the next four years. If he is to cling onto his job for the foreseeable he needs to go out in the summer and secure two or three stellar signings and let other people worry about the cost. It’s what the fans want and it isn’t his money after all.

credit joshjdss

Despite years of showing other teams how to play the beautiful game, Wenger’s team now looks disinterested and unorganised on the pitch with little in the way of a tactical plan evident out on the pitch.

Arsenal Football Club is going backwards and until the stench that is Wenger is removed, there is little sign of a recovery to an illness which is starving a proud club of major silverware.

The most worrying aspect of all could be the future of Alexis Sanchez who looked thoroughly depressed following last night’s hammering at the Allianz Arena. Will a player of the Chilean’s ilk really want to stick around at a club where the expectation each season is simply to finish as the fourth best team in the division?

credit Ronnie Macdonald

Sanchez could well depart at the end of the season and if he feels that the club cannot match his personal ambitions, then why shouldn’t he? If, in his mind, Wenger isn’t the manager he once was, then why would he stick around and hamper the progress of his own career playing for a dinosaur?

Wenger’s 21-year association looks to be coming to an end and I can’t really think of one reason why the Gunners should keep faith with a man who has given the club nothing in the way of major silverware for several years.

A couple of FA Cup’s won’t appease the fans of such a massive club and with the Premier League title or a success in the Champions League absolutely miles away, the Gunners’ board would be wise to make a decision for Wenger, rather than let him make it himself.

Congratulations on your service to the club Arsene, but you’re time is up!

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featured image by Ronnie Macdonald