Classic Story of the Premier League Big Four

Classic Story of the Premier League Big Four

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It is hard to disagree about the opinion that the English Premier League is the most competitive league in Europe. In the EPL, all teams can beat each other. Beside that, all teams can be title contenders, not just certain clubs. But a different situation happens in Serie A and the Bundesliga. The champions are so predictable,  even with the season having not started Juventus and Bayern Munchen may be tired of being champions.

In the Spanish League, there are only two clubs that dominate the trophy. They are Real Madrid and Barcelona FC. Only Atletico Madrid is ready to tackle the step of them. Meanwhile in Ligue 1, Paris Saint Germain is still unstoppable despite AS Monaco can take their throne in the last season. But, PSG is already back to the right way.

Back to Premier League, in the early to mid of 2000's there is a popular term that is the Big Four that means four clubs in the top positions constantly. They are Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal. The dominance of those teams is difficult to stop by others, except in the 2004/2005 season when Everton's success to take the favourite position of Arsenal (4th place).

Since the new format Premier League era, Manchester United is the most success with 13 trophies. Chelsea in the second place with 5 titles. Arsenal win the Premier League 3 times with a special season that is in the 2003/2004 season when they were success made invicible record. Meanwhile, Liverpool indeed have not win the Premier League but they always be considered in the title race and success to reach runner-up position three times.

However, since the 2011/2012 season glory story of Big Four seems to be a classic story. The reason is Manchester City's success in lifting the trophy with the dramatic story of winning the league with a superior goal difference than Manchester United at that time. An anomaly also continued when Leicester City successfully shook the world of football by winning the EPL for the first time and threw out Tottenham who eventually finished in the 3rd position under Arsenal in 2014/2015 season.  Tottenham also increasingly deserve to be a serious contender in the hunt for the EPL title after reaching the runner-up position last season.

In this season so far, Manchester City place the 1st position with the sixteen points above Manchester United.  Tottenham in the 3rd position is ready to fight to take the 2nd place. Liverpool still have chance to increase their rank from 4th position. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Arsenal is ready to try as much as they can to seal one position in the UEFA Champions League zone.

Now, the term Big Four in the EPL is irrelevant. With the rise of the performance of Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, so this time Top Six more suitable term to use. The development of the Big Four into Top Six makes the EPL more interesting to watch. The club that became the champion was more difficult to predict.

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