Chesterfield's Poor Season

Chesterfield's Poor Season

Last update: 24 March 2017 Tags: League One, Chesterfield. Categories: Featured, League One.

Throughout the past few months, I've tried to be as positive as possible and believe that we can stay up Every once in a while there's a trigger that gives me hope i.e the Swindon win, the last minute equaliser at Gillingham or Caldwell's first game where we dominated Wimbledon despite drawing.

When appointing Caldwell, I was very optimistic and I still believe he is the right man in the long term but inevitably I have to put our downfall into our transfers. The departures of O'Shea and Ariyibi have hit us hard and even heavily slated players such as Liddle and O'Neil I would take back in a heartbeat. But these things happen so we have to repair the team and it's something we haven't done.

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Even in the summer we brought in Ched Evans who was a massive gamble that fitness wise hasn't paid off. Then there's Reece Mitchell who was released by a youth team but somehow we think he's capable in the physical league that is League 1. This brings me to January where it is clear we're in a relegation battle so we need experience but instead we sell our captain and bring in 5 youngsters who are clearly not in the correct mindset which is evident with no sign of Sadiq El-Fitouri and hence why Reece Brown was sent back. In my opinion we have only made 3 good signings: Thorsten Stuckmann (6 months too late), Jon Nolan and Kristian Dennis.

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All the rest, for individual reasons haven't performed and there needs to be a change. This season I believe the time has come to accept our fate and start playing some of our own youth that have proven to be good enough such as Laurence Maguire and Ricky German. Last time we went down, we managed to keep quite a few players and effectively bounced straight back but now I'm worried that we'll be stuck in League 2 for a while or even worse. Don't get me wrong, I will continue to support this club till the day I die but it pains me to see us continue to consistently slip up.