Cesc Fabregas Opens Up About the Difficulties of Facing Luis Suarez


Cesc Fabregas was one of many big names to join the likes of Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker on the BBC plane to Russia working as pundits alongside the Englishmen for the 2018 Russia World Cup. Ex-teammate Didier Drogba is among those names and their impressive football experience makes them very interesting pundits having played alongside or against some of the biggest names at the World Cup this year. Luis Suarez is one of those big names and according to The Express, Fabregas was happy to open up and talk about the kind of player Suarez was and draw some comparisons to Chelsea legend, Didier Drogba. 

Fabregas compared Drogba and Suarez in relation to the ability they had to make an instant impact at any point in the game. “The thing with Suarez, I wouldn’t dare say something negative during the game,” said Cesc. “Even if he is not playing as well as he can, like the other day, that’s what makes Suarez so good”.


The Uruguayan was heavily criticized for a poor performance in his opening game against Egypt after missing multiple clear-cut opportunities. However, Fabregas was quick to reassure the audience that the best players are the ones that can still make an impact even when they’re not in the best form and that’s what Suarez was able to do against Saudi Arabia.

Cesc also compared the Barcelona forward to Ivorian legend, Didier Drogba, saying that he had the same ability to make an impact. “As Didier used to against us at Arsenal for Chelsea all the time, I didn’t see him for 90 minutes and then 92nd minute he would score the winner,” the Spaniard said. The ex-Chelsea forward has an impressive record against Arsenal netting 13 times in 15 against the North London side.


Luis Suarez and Didier Drogba are two of the great Premier League strikers but who else was able to make this kind of impact? Is it good to have a player like this in your team or does it mean that in the long term, they’ll have too much pressure on them to continue to pull the team over the line when it needs doing? Let us know @AllOutFootball or using the #AOF.