What can Carlos Peña bring to the Rangers' Midfield?

What can Carlos Peña bring to the Rangers' Midfield?

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When Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha arrived to Ibrox, he convinced two of his old acquaintances to join him on his scottish adventure. That´s how Lalo Herrera and Carlos Peña left Liga MX and put on  the Rangers jersey.

But who are Lalo Herrera and Carlos Peña? They are strong and fast players who can get along really well with Caixinha's system. I tell Rangers' fans: You can and should be excited with this players, especially with Peña. The nicknamed "Gullit" (because of his physical similarities with legendary Rudd Gullit) is a classy box-to-box midfielder with long-shot abilities who always caused great damage to Caixinha's former team (Santos). He can penetrate the opponent's box and try to score from inside, or pass with master class to the forwards. Starting the play with a recovery and moving to the front is his speciality and prefers to stay at offensive duties, that's why his play needs a good central midfielder to combine efforts.

Obviously not everything in life is a bed of roses and Peña is not the exception. Due to his offensive role, he sometimes forgets to go back when the rival recover the ball and initiates a counter-attack, but his main problems are always off the pitch. In his former clubs in Mexico he was always the centre of attention because of what the press had to say about him. Parties and car accidents were common involved with Carlos Peña, and this combined with a clear press obsession to target all his moves caused him to neglect his career.

Anyway, today Peña has a secondary role in Caixinha's Rangers, but he can surely be useful and get a place at starting XI and improve the Ranger's play. But it's on him, and I'm sure the fans can't wait to see him doing things like this:


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