Burnley: Finding The Consistency To Stay In The Premier League

Written by Tyler Bradshaw
The Clarets have picked up 19 out of their 20 points at home but if they are to stay in the premier league they can’t always rely on their home form to keep them up. Burnley must find some way to pick up points away from home, their performance against Spurs was improved, and they scored their first goal from open play away from home, but still couldn’t see out the game and ended up losing 2-1.
Burnley fans will be hoping this performance was  a catalyst and a preview of an improving side away from home. They have some tough away games coming up in the league such as Arsenal and Manchester City but if they preform like they did against Spurs, they could snatch a result.
 credit Adam Haworth
Over the last 7 years Burnley have been promoted 3 times to the premier league, and survived 0 times, 3 relegation’s from 3 campaigns in the top flight isn’t a track record you want, they have gained the reputation to be known as a yo yo club, but in the current season, which is their 3rd appearance in the premier league, they are half way towards safety after playing 18 games with 20 points. That is a good sign to show they are more competitive than the previous 2 times they were in the premier league because in the 2009/10 season, they finished on 30 points, and in the 2014/15 season they finished on 33 points, to be less than 15 points away from their greatest points total In the Premier League at this point in the season a great achievement for a club who no one really give a chance at the start of the season and expected them to go down. If Burnley keep their home form up, their away form increases, and they spend In January, I don’t see a reason why they can’t reach the all important 40 point mark.
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featured image by Ronnie Macdonald