Blackburn vs Huddersfield Q & A With @HotlineBillling & @TalkOfEwood Part 2

Written by Morgan Lecomber & @TalkOfEwood

– What are your outtakes on Huddersfield’s start to the season?

All in all the squad have exceeded my expectations despite the poor form of late. Being in the playoffs at the start of December was something I never would’ve expected back in August. Unfortunately we could’ve been even higher if it wasn’t for poor performances away from home but I’m still happy with our position in the table and I would take a top 10 finish come the end of the season, huge progress.

– How far can Wagner take you in his time at Huddersfield?

I personally believe Wagner could take us to the Premier League in a couple of seasons. The problem stands with what he wants and does he see us as the club he wants to commit to for a long period of time. Our chairman trusts him very much; it was a risky decision appointing him at the time but thankfully it paid off. If Deano provided Wagner with enough money I’m sure he would do wonders with it, especially with his contacts with Liverpool and also in the German market.

– What are your thoughts on Towns recent form and how can you get back to winnings ways?

Towns recent form has been simply unacceptable. We haven’t looked anything like the side we did at the start of the campaign and we are shipping goals from all angles. We tend to dominate possession but not use it with intent, and we have lacked that cutting edge to get past defences of late. To get back to winning ways we need to have a faster pace to our game like we used to, and tighten up at the back to stand any chance of success on Saturday. – Who are the Huddersfield Town danger men?

Elias Kachunga is one to watch, our top scorer this season. He can play up top or on the right. A skillful player with an eye for goal. Aaron Mooy has the vision any footballer dreams of, he can spot the killer pass from anywhere and won’t be afraid to pull the trigger on the edge of the box. Kasey Palmer has huge potential. Quick, agile, and always puts 100% into every game. When he’s having a good game he can be a real handful for defences.

– Who do you think will cause problems in the Blackburn side?

Sam Gallagher seems to have improved plenty since he has arrived this season, he looks good in the air which could prove to be a catastrophe for our centre backs! Can finish well too. Craig Conway can deliver a set piece or cross exceptionally and considering we concede plenty of goals from set plays, he is definitely one to keep close guard on.

– What are your views on the current situation for both teams and what can you see for the future?

For Huddersfield, we certainly have a bright future and things are looking on the up. However the last few games have brought us all back to reality and we must realise we are not ready to challenge for promotion just yet. We are a long term project with a promising future. Blackburn’s current situation is sad to see, a club once of such an admirable stature to now fighting for safety in the Championship. Unfortunately I can’t see Rovers having a bright future whilst under the ownership of the Venky’s – it’s just a case of the sooner they go, the better for everyone involved.

– What do you think Blackburn’s chances are of staying up?

From what I’ve been seeing recently, they have a very good chance! Obviously the club has declined in past years but I believe if the Venky’s have patience and stick with a manager for a while, the club can start to make that U-turn and get back on their feet, whether that manager is Owen Coyle I’m not sure but it seems to be going his way at the minute.

– What can Town do to fix the bad form?

Defend. Play with the passion we had only 2 months ago. It seems to have vanished and teams have worked out our style of football. I honestly don’t trust one of our central defenders so until they step up the standard we all know they can play at, we might have a chance of winning a match. Finally, Score Predictions:

– Blackburn Rovers 2-2 Huddersfield Town.

Both defences are far from solid and this is why I can see goals in the one. Unless the Town defence change their ways I cannot see a clean sheet coming, but I can see us scoring. Elias Kachunga is a clinical player who will take his chance. Meanwhile I expect Gallagher to keep his scoring run going on Saturday and he will most likely score with a header against a fragile Town defence.

– My heart says Blackburn Rovers 2-1 Huddersfield Town.

But deep down i’m thinking a 1-1 draw. Expecting a goal from either of the two up top – Gallagher and Graham. It’s whoever scores first in my opinion, Huddersfield will be very nervous as they need a win, we will be on top of the world after the Newcastle game so, if we score first, Huddersfield will panic where as if Huddersfield score first, they will get there confidence back. It will be a captivating contest.

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