Blackburn vs Huddersfield Q & A With @HotlineBilling & @TalkOfEwood Part 1

Written by Morgan Lecomber & @TalkOfEwood

As Blackburn Rovers prepared to host Huddersfield Town for the opening fixture to the December period, and did a Q and A with the fans!

: Who were you more a fan of, Jordan Rhodes or Rudy Gestede?

Honestly, I love both of them equally especially with what they did for us, but, if I had to choose it would be Rudy Gestede. The price we got him for (around £300k) was pennies given his goals and the amount we sold him for. Not only did he get the goals Rhodes got but he added something extra than just goals, he had dances, skills, long rangers and he really connected with the fans, if he stayed a season extra, he could have been a legend at the club. His connection with the club just after a season and a half shows what a player and an all round person he is and I’m always looking out with him at Villa. However, don’t take anything away from Jordan, I absolutely adore the guy. What a man.

@SivianJohn : Which Rovers player is most likely to cause us a problem from a set piece?

Personally, I’d say set pieces are one of our specialties and both are wingers’ crossing is exceptional. Our biggest threat has to be Gallagher due to his height, goals and heading ability yet Graham and Mulgrew win their fair share of aerial duels.

: So how’s your style of play and formation set up?

We tend to play a simple 4-4-2 with 2 defensive midfielders in Evans and Lowe – who have energy and get stuck in – Then we have Conway and Feeney on the flanks. Conway and Feeney run up and down all day, supporting the defence and getting a lot of crosses in. As for the 2 strikers, Gallagher and Graham feed off each other a lot from flick-ons and hold up play. As for Emnes who has recently been on the bench due to injury, is more skillful and quick, he likes to create chances. In terms of our defensive structure, They are as simple as you get. Mulgrew is very good on the ball and wins a lot of physical battles and headers. His partner, Lenihan is also very good on the ball and is a little smaller than Mulgrew, he likes getting into strikers and having big challenges (50-50’s). Williams and Nyambe are both usefully equipped in their defensive ways and can help on the over lap as well.

: Thoughts on your campaign so far? Would you say your overachieving or underachieving?

So far, it has been utterly disappointing. Honestly, I didn’t expect wonders from Owen Coyle yet the signings he made and the players he brought in, considering the circumstances were excellent and I feel our squad is more than capable of getting top 14 at least so to go so long without a win was very frustrating, especially with the way we were playing, we were awful! However, we have been improving gradually now and we are playing with passion and aggression as well as quality so I’m expecting a steady rise away from the bottom three. That bliss away day against Newcastle might have boosted the confidence around the Rovers camp too!

: Honestly, what would your Town and Blackburn combined 11 look like?

I haven’t seen much of Huddersfield this year – and the two games I have seen have been your two home defeats – but I think my combined 11 would look something like this: Steele – He is experienced and can have some blinders in goal. Smith – It’s a place we have struggled to fill with quality over the past years and from what I have seen of Tommy Smith, he is class. Mulgrew – His experience at the top level and his qualities; composed on the ball, strong, agile, good at heading and reads the game well, would be an asset to any side at this level. Hefele – What a guy. What a song. He looks a decent player too! Williams – I’ve not seen much of Lowe (Huddersfield) but I am sure he would take some player to surpass Williams. He’s so so so good! Young too! Kachunga – Quick, agile, gets goals and works hard. From what I’ve seen, his final ball could be improved but other than that, what more do you want? Evans or Lowe or Hogg – All 3 have good experience and all play the same game. Injuries have held them back over the years but energy and stamina in the middle with a bit of quality on the ball is just what you need. Mooy -An eye for a pass at this level is massive alongside grafters (Evans/Lowe/Hogg) works really well imo. Conway – Again, quick, agile, gets goals and works hard but this time, he has a divine delivery in his back pocket. With the most chances created in the Championship since 2014, how can’t you want him in your side? So underrated. Graham, Emnes, Wells and Gallagher. I can’t choose! Despite Wells’ dip in form this season he still has quality, as do the rest of them in their own ways.

: How’s your defending at the moment? Strong or weak?

Surprisingly, after our early flooding of goals, our defence has tightened up as we have finally got some good defenders in our ranks; Greer, Marshall, Nyambe, Wharton, Hoban, Williams, Lenihan, Mulgrew and Wes Brown. With good performances from Steele, Rovers have become a team and worked as one at the back, managing to get a clean sheet against the top scoring team in the league!

: What can you see for the future of your club?

That’s a tough question! I don’t think you can predict the future with the Venky’s in charge. As for the fairly present future, I can see it fairly positive. Coyle seems to have galvanized the side recently and we are a good bonded team, we have also been playing with a bit of extra quality and sometimes the perfect tactics, I can definitely see us getting mid-table this season based on current form, yet if we go anywhere near the standards we played at during the start of the season, we’ll be going to Shrewsbury.

– What do you think of Huddersfield’s chances of going up?

Towards the beginning of the season, I thought’d they’d stick it out and get play offs, however, they’ve been found out, so i don’t see them getting play offs, maybe top half.

: Finally, how do you see the game going tomorrow and where will the battles be won and lost?

It will be a very interesting game; Huddersfield are a quick passing team where as Rovers ix it up. We play long ball, quick tempo passing and counter attack so i’ll be intrigued to see how the game pans out. Personally, I think we can really expose Huddersfield with set pieces and hold up play as that’s where you are vulnerable. So I think the main battles will be midfield – which I’m confident we can win with the quality we have in there – and up front which, on paper, should be a victory for us as well. The wingers and full backs will be interesting as well, from both teams.

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