Blackburn Reaction to Norwich Defeat

Written by TalkOfEwood

After a shambolic start to both the season and Coyle’s reign as Rovers manager, I reflect on what should come in the aftermath.
In all honesty, the Rovers loss could be a blessing in disguise, it may sound stupid but I’m sober and talking what I feel is the truth. Getting hammered on the opening day at home may well be a positive for the future. Coyle will now know we aren’t as good as people thought, we will now set up different. I imagine in a way to grind out wins. If we had won, we would be in dreamland and would we will now set up different, in a way in which we would grind out wins and not go into the game expecting the most. Now we have lost, in a bad way, we won’t be expecting wins and we will turn up to avoid defeat although I’m not saying it was good. But it may help us and if we get a few players in (Defence and Attack) we should be okay. Sam Gallagher from Southampton the latest name to come out of the tight lipped staff at Rovers.

Coyle should also have learnt a few valuable lessons from the Ewood embarrassment and these are what I feel they will be:
1) That was by far not our strongest line up. With Byrne, Stokes and Conway on the bench, it was fairly apparent to most Rovers faithful before kick off that this was not our strongest line up. With a weak right back filling in at left back and a injured centre half starting, we would have to pull off a miracle to keep a clean sheet.
We were expected to lose. Norwich are title contenders and a loss to them isn’t as bad as it first seemed. They were always going to put up a sturdy challenge.
2) Stokes. Anthony Stokes, the free transfer from Celtic is already up and running. With 0 goals in pre-season, Stokes didn’t seem like a finisher, however, his header and overall performance against Norwich shows his qualities and how he can be a true game changer later on in the season. Jack Byrne also showed glimpses of his quality when he came on, showing his Scholes esque comparisons to be correct. I have no doubt in my mind that they should be starting on Tuesday Vs Mansfield, let alone next Saturday Vs Wigan. I also feel that on Tuesday we should field a strong line up. This would be for the obvious reason that, as this is winnable, a win would really boost the confidence and even help gel partnerships for the rest of the season. Winning this and having a cup run would also help raise revenues which we desperately need!
Slightly off topic but I live in hope that Coyle stops wearing those knee high socks. STOP. ITS NOT COOL.

Blackburn fans, what are your thoughts now after Saturday? Let us know in the comments below!

featured image by Peter Bonnett