Beward of Real Madrid, Mo Salah

Beward of Real Madrid, Mo Salah

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Written by Mahmoud Abd elatty

Mohamed Salah attracted UEFA Champions League champions Real Madrid according to many journals at England and Spain, in this report some whispers in "The Egyptian kings" ear if he really wants to join Real Madrid he should take care of them.

1- The press: Spanish press always putting pressure on the players, permanent criticism and problems sometimes arise, Jouse Mourinho former Real Madrid coach once said that Spanish press treated us like thieves.

2- Madridistas: Real Madrid fans are very demanding, it doesn't matter if you are super star or a normal player they will whistle on you if you don't play well even if you are the all time top scorer of the team.

Instability: Real Madrid last year changed many coaches, and every one of them has his own ideas, you may be shine this season then you get yourself out of the club next season or be confined at the bench, like James Rodriguez and Alvaro Morata.

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