Best and worst signings of the season 2019/2020 - Part 1

Best and worst signings of the season 2019/2020 - Part 1

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The whole of the Premier League made both quality signings and had some flops. This series of articles will look at them all and comment on each club. We will go in table order sorry Norwich fans. Look out for your team. Agree or disagree let us know!



Best: Adrián

The Champions added a few players into their already blustering squad with one player having the most significant impact throughout the season was the goalkeeper Adrián.

Signed on a free transfer from West Ham United in the summer the Spaniard had to step into the team immediately with first-choice option Allison tearing a calf muscle in the opening fixture against newly-promoted Norwich City. Adrián did an okay job and didn’t make to many mistakes.

Liverpool didn’t notice the absence of Allison in the Premier League, but Adrián did concede 43 per cent of the goals Allison did all season. Still, with other transfers not being a part of Liverpool’s plans immediately, the Spanish veteran goalkeeper gets Liverpool’s best signing. 

Worst: N/A

The highest compliment I can give to the Champions at this point is by saying I don’t believe Jürgen Klopp made a wrong move in the transfer window this season and can comfortably say as a squad you don’t need to spend massive money each window to secure wins. 

Now don’t get it twisted Liverpool have been very fortunate in terms of resources they have spent over the past two seasons. It has enabled Klopp to build this team where now only certain types of player would make this Liverpool squad better.


Manchester City

Best: Rodri 

The Spanish defensive midfielder has seen a lot of minutes for the Citizens this season with the long term injury of Laporte making Fernandinho fill in the Frenchman’s spot. Arriving from Athletico Madrid in August for a massive sum of £63 million, Rodri had to prove to fans that he was worth it.

The 24-year-old provided the evidence as he has featured in all but three on Manchester City’s games this season. The discussion of whether he is a better player than Ferdinanhio is for another day, the Spaniard has a had a tremendous first season in the Premier League with my particular favourite highlight being his thunderbolt strike against Burnley in February. 


Worst: João Cancelo

When you sign for £59 Million and only play seventeen times in the league you either aren’t as good as your price tag or the player who you were signed to replace is having an excellent season. Unfortunately for Cancelo, Kyle Walker decided to have one of his best seasons in a Manchester City shirt. Cancelo didn’t get his first proper start in his preferred position until October, and in his 17 appearances, he hasn’t scored or registered an assist for Man City.

Some City fans will say that it is on the manager. Me, however, I’m harsher than that. It’s because you can’t beat out the other lad in training. 


Manchester United

Best: Bruno Fernandes 

Perhaps the most comfortable pick in the entire Premier League. The Portuguese magician arrived only in January but made the most significant impact a single player has had on one team in recent footballing memory.

With 14 appearances Fernandes had 15 goal contributions with 8 goals of his own and 7 assists. He put Manchester United on his back and lifted the whole team. The Red Devils went thirteen games unbeaten run to help them finish third in the Premier League table when it looked impossible the Portuguese playmaker willed it into being. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer still has his job today because of Bruno Fernandes.  


Worst: Daniel James

Now worst is a little harsh on the youngster, but when you don’t get a goal after September and can not contribute in other ways, it becomes a bit worrying that you might not actually be good. Now I know James has in it him and anyone who has actually watched him this season would agree, but the lack of output from the 22-year-old is staggering. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer must’ve agreed as the Welshman didn’t play a full 90 minutes after the restart from Covid-19. 



Now I know what you’re thinking, didn’t Chelsea have a transfer ban? Yes, yes, they did. But the Blues played it smart and signed players on loan with an option to sign permanently or bought the player and loaned them back their respective clubs. As is the case with the two examples below. It is due to this I am disqualifying Chelsea from the list. As the only two players who qualify for this are Mateo Kovacic and Christian Pulasic, both of whom have been simply outstanding and helped Frank Lampard’s side to a top-four finish.