Before the Next International Break Predictions

Thank god the international break is over, I love a summer tournament with England but the qualifiers etc are no fun! This recent break for England fans has shown how blatant racists are in Hungry and Poland are but we need to remind ourselves we fester a hidden racist culture in the UK, we cannot take the morale high ground, education needs to continue.

I’ve had a look at the key stories in and around the Premier League and made a few predictions before the next PL leave of absence:

How many goals will Ronaldo score?

Cristiano has 4 comfortable games to come back too, Newcastle, W Ham, Villa & Everton. Could have been easier but also may have been harder. 23.8% of PL fantasy players have drafted him already and he will gain them points, not to the levels they are hoping for! I expect him to play a part in all 4 games but not to score more than 1 goal in a game and against Everton to not score at all.

Arsenals point total

It’s been such a bad start to the season for Arsenal, the spending in the summer oozes of desperation, what type of player do they want?
Luckily 3 of the next 4 are very winnable against Norwich, Burnley & Brighton while the Spurs game with fans in the stadium can be a coin toss. It’s safe to say if they come out of the next 4 with no points Arteta is a goner! I don’t expect that though, I can see no defeats and 6 points.

Who will be Top and Bottom?

North London holds top and bottom currently but by the Oct ain’t Break neither will be in those slots. The attacking threats at Man Utd along with a increasingly solid back line equates to a 4 wins on the trot for me and top spot.
The bottom spot battle will be a lot tighter than the top (Chelsea, City & Liverpool have harder schedules than United) due to the volume of inadequate sides but the honour or misfortune will fall to Wolves. They are gathering pundit pity for performances so far but they do not have the X Factor, the struggles will continue.

Manager Casualty’s

I don’t expect any sackings till November and December, the only feasible candidate before that point is Arteta and I don’t foresee Arsenals winless streak continuing. Wolves and Palace will stick with their new men, panic button could be hit before Christmas though.

September Awards

Player of the Month

Mo Salah

Manager of the Month

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

It’s going to be a fun 4 game stretch in the PL, buckle up for the ride.