Bastian Schweinsteiger – Should He Be Given A Chance?

Written by Carl Walker

On a cold Wednesday evening with about 9 minutes of the game to go, Manchester United brought on Bastian Schweinsteiger for his first appearance of the season and he arrived to a hero’s welcome.

After being wrote off as an asset in the clubs annual statement, he, and the fans alike, didn’t think we would see the German midfielder in a United shirt again.

What was probably more frustrating, especially for the fans, was seeing him pull of the national jersey in France and seeing him doing what he does best. Controlling games.

In France over the summer Bastian shown United fans what they have missed, box to box running picking passes, dictating tempo and most importantly, scoring goals.

Granted Germany fell short, but it was enough to give United fans confidence for the upcoming season.

However once Mourinho arrived he was cast aside, deemed surplus to requirements and told to train with the reserves and that he did not feature in his plans for the coming season.

So what now, would United never see Bastian play for them again? Where would he move too? Rumours were rife with a return to Germany and even the MLS.


August 31st and the window slammed shut and for what ever reason Bastian was still a United player and why? Because he doesn’t want to leave.

The way that Bastian has behaved during his exile has been impeccable, and some of his fellow professionals should take a leaf out of his book, he has simply got his head down, got on with it and worked hard for his chance in the team.

This is the main reason that United fans gave him his hero’s welcome on Wednesday evening. This and the fact that as mentioned he is someone who actually wants to be at the club, someone who has bought into Manchester United.

He also has a plethora of experience at the highest level which could prove valuable to Mourinho and United for this season and even beyond. Numerous German titles and cups plus the most prestigious prize in international football to his name.

The world cup winner will not be shown the door, not without a fight anyway and I certainly hope Bastian is given a proper chance from Jose to show the United fans the Bastian we know.


The fact remains and always will that even though his first season was disrupted with injuries he still managed 31 appearances in all competitions for the reds, and that his quality is still top level as we saw in the glimpses on Wednesday evening.

So what now? I have seen plenty of disregard to the welcome he received on various social media platforms this week along with plenty of support for the decision.

My opinion, get behind Bastian and enjoy watching him play. There is still plenty of life in the midfield maestro yet and if your lucky, you might just see it this season.

Should Schweinsteiger be given a chance in the team? Let us know in the comments below!

featured image by deargdoom57