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The English Football League is proposing big changes to clubs' finances

EFL salary proposals would make some playing fields more even than others

The EFL is poised to impose a wage cap on clubs competing in the third and fourth tiers, possibly starting as early as next season, to ‘level the playing field’. This aims to stop owners achieving promotion by simply outspending their rivals. While making things fairer is an admirable sentiment, a closer look at the proposals make it clear that they would do the opposite.

Who Really Runs Football?

Uncertainty feeds debate, which makes this the ideal time for us to discuss the finer points of football, in the absence of any actual matches. A fundamental question which we are likely to see answered…

Is home advantage a myth?

Win your home games and pick up points on the road, and you’ll end up somewhere at the right end of the table.  That is the adage on which managers have based their philosophies over…