Arsenal’s start in the wrong direction

So, Arsenal! A topic that’s becoming… well…. boring.

I love Arsenal and always will.
But I expect a return for the amount of money not just for what I have spent over the years but what every other Arsenal fan spends week in week out on tickets and merchandise.

We’ve waited a long time well actually, too too long for a League Title.

Yes, we’ve won the FA Cup 3 times in four years and it’s admirable to see our club lift the oldest Cup in football.
But I think at the moment, fans would rather us lift the League trophy once in 4 years than win the FA Cup 3 times. (Both would be amazing).

Appalling, Embarrassing and Pathetic!

BUT! A big but, looking not just at the last 13 years, but the start to this Premier League campaign (2017/18) – scrapping a 4-3 win at home to Leicester, losing 1-0 at the Bet365 Stadium to Stoke and the appalling embarrassing pathetic 4-0 thrashing by Liverpool, we’re not going to challenge for the title anytime soon.

Seriously who in their right minds at this point would want to come to Arsenal FC? No wonder players want to leave the Emirates.

I love Arsenal but if I look through a player’s eyes I would want to move on. Give it another couple of years and we’ll be one of the Clubs fighting for a mid-table finish.
The Champions League won’t even be thought of and the Europa League won’t even be in touching distance.

A meeting needs to happen without Arsene Wenger

Something really needs to be done. Gazidis and Kroenke have to sit down and discuss options for the Club.
This meeting needs to go ahead without Arsene Wenger being there.
Although Wenger has signed a two-year deal, we don’t actually know what was written in that contract.
I hope that it stated League Champions as an objective otherwise no new contract will be offered.
Ha, but that’s just wishful thinking.
But at the moment in regards to Wenger, we have to put up and shut up.
But I’ve got to say that I’d rather Arsenal Football Club pay him £20m in compensation by sacking him then sign any player before deadline day.
It will be the best £20m we spend.

On deadline day (31st August), it won’t be about who we’re signing, it will be about who we’re selling.

Alexis Sanchez

look at Alexis Sanchez.
Now I know for sure deep down he wants to stay at Arsenal but he knows it wouldn’t be in his best interest which is why he’ll probably leave if not by deadline day then certainly January or the end of the season.

Mesut Ozil

Ozil is lazy as we all know, but he links up so well with Sanchez a lot of the time and we can’t deny that his assist stats are top notch.
Although his contract expires at the end of this season and is yet to put pen to paper, I think he will sign a new deal and stay on for at least a year or two until he’s had enough.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Well, we knew something was going on with the Ox before the Liverpool game but it’s just came to light that Chelsea have apparently agreed a fee to be around £35m and a medical will probably take place at St George’s Park where England are training.
He will more than likely be gone within the next day or so.

So after the International break, we play AFC Bournemouth at home.
Should be easy…….. right?
I’m not saying anything!