Arsenal Managerial options

Arsenal are simply embarrassing themselves at the moment. They need a change of manager desperately. That change should come in the summer as Wenger deserves the respect not to be sacked midway throughout the season. I look into a few options that the Arsenal board could back. The fans definitely deserve a change, however after an Arsenal loss I always look forward to Arsenal TV.

Leonardo Jardim

Leonardo Jardim should be without doubt a name that the board consider. Jardim sets his teams to be attacking whilst not completely regarding defence. His teams normally are entertaining to watch too. I believe that Jardim would suit Arsenal as he has done a fantastic job at Monaco beating PSG to the league last year whilst massively improving players such as Bernardo Silva, Mendy, Lemar, Fabinho. I think he could bring the energy needed to the Emirates whilst working what he is given. Only 43 he would without a doubt consider an offer from Arsenal as it is every managers’ dream to work in the Premier League. Might not be a global name but I think he deserves a chance to test himself.

Brendan Rodgers

Brendan has done a terrific job in Scotland. I know it’s easy winning the league with Celtic but has gone beyond what was expected of him. Brendan knows the Premier League inside out so there would be no time in adapting to the league. Futhermore with Liverpool he placed them second and gave them a real chance of winning the league. Yes they had Suarez but credit still needs to be given to Brendan.  I certainly do not think that he is the best candidate for the job as his European campaign with Celtic for me was not good enough. He is a good candidate and they could do a lot worse than appointing him.

Thomas Tuchel

The German is currently unemployed. Tuchel is a manager that would bring an offensive style of football whilst not forgetting the fact he has worked with Auba and Mkhi whilst he was the manager of Dortmund. If Bayern Munich don’t go for Tuchel it does open the door for Arsenal to consider the German. Tuchel is a manager that could bring a new wave to the Emirates and turn the current vibe of the place around. Tuchel would maybe need to adapt to the league but I am sure he would not do a bad job at Arsenal.

Paulo Fonseca

The Shakhtar Donestk man has had a terrific season so far. He has led them through to the next round of the Champions league in a group with Man City and Napoli. They are currently 2-1 up against Roma in the next round too.  The Portuguese man has won the league with Shakhtar first time of asking. Skeptics will say that is easy, that Shakhtar win the league every year but the reality is prior to his arrival Dynamo Kiev had won the two previous leagues. Whilst he may not be the most exciting name out there, he would bring defensive organisation and give Arsenal a chance to actually win games. He could be the manager to steady the ship.

Carlo Ancelotti

Ancelotti may be the dream for the Arsenal board. Ancelotti wins silverware as well genuinely being well endorsed by the fan of the clubs he works at. Only the case for this wasn’t true is perhaps Bayern Munich. He is also a Premier League winner and has basically won every single trophy at club level. A manager that does not need any sort of introduction, probably one of the best at man-management. I am a big fan of Ancelotti, I think he is a great manager but whether he comes to Arsenal is a different story. The Arsenal job is without doubt a big challenge so if he is up to it, I think he will be the number 1 target in the summer for the board.

Ex-Arsenal Players

There are three ex-Arsenal players that could have a chance in landing the job. The first one is Mikel Arteta, he has worked with Guardiola and now seems to want have a go at being the main manager. I do seriously think whilst fans may like the idea of Arteta as the manager, the job needs someone with experience as it is without a doubt a big challenge. Thierry Henry is a name that has been thrown into the contention. A fan favourite during his time at the club as a player, he is now working as a coach with Martinez for Belgium. He would certainly have the respect of all the players at the club. The final ex-player would be Patrick Vieira, the only one out of the three ex-players to actual have experience as a manager. I think he would be the most well prepared out of those three to take on the job.


All in all, whoever is the next Arsenal manager, good luck, you’ll need it.