Arsenal fan on The Gunners start to the season

Arsenal go to Anfield this weekend with what I can only say really a poor start to the Premier League.

Two games in and taking only 3 points really isn’t good enough against the likes of Leicester and Stoke.

Fans were hyped up when we scraped a 4-3 win at home to Leicester, but really? How did we let the game get that mad? How can you play players out of position at the back? It was always going to collapse. Wenger said he saw the problem and would deal with it. But he says one thing and does another as we all well know.

I felt we were always on the back foot against them but scoring two quick goals for me was really a relief.

Since then, I said all week I think we’ll struggle against Stoke especially being away. What happened? We lost. (1-0).

I just think at the moment any team can beat us. We seem to be too predictable and the fluency of passing and play has gone extremely down hill over the last few years. The togetherness of the squad still doesn’t seem right and communication on the field breaks down before half time. Our execution in passing has been atrocious lately and the finishing just doesn’t seem to come from anywhere.

I’ve not and am not going to give up on Arsenal but the manager and team just make me so angry sometimes.

so, Liverpool away today. That’s going to be a tough one.

At Anfield last season we lost 3-1 with goals from Firmino, Mane and Wijnaldum. Danny Welbeck scoring our goal giving us hope at 2-1 but Wijnaldum killed us off ending the game.

I think Liverpool will be firm favourites to beat us today so we need to take control of the game early on to put them on the back foot.

Not too many seasons ago, I never used to mind going 1-0 down because I knew we had it in us to pull it back. It was like we needed to concede to give us a kick up the Arsenal, but now, now it’s all changed. I worry about conceding the first goal. Not just against Liverpool, but any team.

I hope today marks the start of a form run and come away with all 3 points. I will probably get agitated and annoyed but I’ve learned that’s part and parcel of being an Arsenal fan. Nonetheless, I will be routing for us all the way and I’ll see all you lot on Twitter later.