Are We Living In ”The Land Of Make-Believe?”

Once upon a time, in a land far far away (well far away to a lot of us), lived a giant, as giants go he seemed a very friendly giant. A lot of people in or around the kingdom of “Liverpool FC” actually loved this giant who’s name was Klopp. But a lot of people who worked for Klopp, constantly let him down. Now even though Klopp was in charge of the army’s of Liverpool FC, there were dark sinister men who actually ruled the entire kingdom… Their names were The “Frighteningly Scary Giants” or FSG for short. They were the ones who wanted Klopp to invest in strengthening his foot soldiers for attacking purposes. So they could attack the other kingdoms in the area known as the “Promised Lands” (Okay premier league). Klopp found that having the best attacking foot soldiers didn’t always reap it’s rewards, this was due to every other army’s foot soldiers attacking prowess. So it was Klopp’s defensive frailties that were constantly exposed. FSG said funds would be made available to strengthen the defensive element of the foot soldiers, but only in the shape of the giant amongst foot soldiers, who went by the name VvD…..

By now you realise that the blame so far has been placed on FSG and the foot soldiers. The foot soldiers (players) who are picked on a weekly basis by…. Klopp. It’s about time we as fans realised that, we are one of the top teams in the league, not the best in the league. (We pay the 5th highest amount of wages so in theory we’re 5th best? So was finishing 4th last season an over  achievement?) But we have to be at our very best in every game to achieve this standing. At this moment we are 9th in the league, is that a true reflection? No, I hear you say. But as we fans love to say “the league table never lies”. We have conceded more goals away from home than anyone else in the promised land (Premier league, keep up please), with a total of 15. We as fans are starting to make noises. The kind of noises not heard at Anfield since the “Era of the Owl” (Hodgson for England, was probably the funniest chant I’d heard in years on the Kop, harsh but funny).

Can there be a “happily ever after” end to this sorry tale of unwanted records. I feel (as I have done for a couple of years) that our defensive issues will be sorted in the next window. We’re a few players away from premier league winners (there I’ve said it). Couple of defenders, a defensive midfielder, a keeper as well (or is that far too much to ask for, even in this fairy tale), will get this club back to where it should be…..

You can write your own happy ending, but here’s what I’m sure I heard in the corridors of Melwood the other day…. “I would have got away with it, if it wasn’t for them pesky defenders”….

Thanks again

TippySr 😉👍

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