Are Manchester City Boring?

Are Manchester City Boring?

Last update: 15 December 2021 Tags: Watford, Leeds United, Man City. Categories: Premier League, Featured.

The below tweet has caused somewhat of a stir recently with inevitably Man City fans up in arms about the idea of their side being boring, the football daily podcast including Micah Richards also reacted to the tweet stating 'we can't call City boring for playing beautiful football'.

I do agree with this tweet though, as a reaction to Watford's 3-1 loss at home to Man City it must have been an incredibly dull affair to watch as a neutral, let alone being in the stadium as a Watford fan. One sided contests can often be the most captivating of games when you think of some high profile hammerings in recent years such as Barcelona 2-8 Bayern and Brazil 1-7 Germany at the World Cup.

What separates this is the lack of predictability and the relentless retaining of possession kills any joy from watching football as a spectacle. There's no doubting you can take the angle of enjoying footballing excellence which it undoubtedly is but football in my view is about being gripped and entertained by a contest, so we can absolutely call City boring for playing beautiful football if it involves them simply keeping the ball, little goal mouth action and one way traffic in plenty of their matches.

This really struck home when Guardiola brought on Mahrez, De Bruyne and Jesus when the contest was non-existent anyway. The Premier League brand loves to pride itself on being competitive but this is anything but. In the FA Cup Final between the two clubs it was the same story, a 6-0 demolition with De Bruyne and Aguero stepping off the bench. City's fans were mild in celebrations with each goal considering what was at stake which gives me the belief that Man City seem like the most soulless elite club about.

Whilst their super league friends also spend a fortune, the Citizens don't strike much of an emotional response. Their loyal and passionate fanbase are everything that proper football should be but their billion pound team just doesn't resonate. You shrug your shoulders at the inevitable success.

The 7-0 win against Leeds on Tuesday only really strengthens this argument, this is dull and whilst there might be plenty of goals on show it can't be as good as watching a more intriguing and balanced encounter where there are question marks before a ball has been kicked.

This isn't just envy about a very good football team as there are others around the world, it's an indifference to the style, a lack of emotional response and the inevitability that endless pound notes make Man City boring. Not  to mention they always seem to get someone like Rotherham in every round of the FA Cup.

credit @WatfordTalk