Are Arsenal top six material?

Are Arsenal top six material?

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Jose Mourinho speaks out on Arsene Wenger's decision to axe Alexis Sanchez

After suffering a rather abysmal transfer period, and after performances from the likes of the two Manchester sides, Chelsea, Spurs and even Liverpool to a large extent, it is difficult to put Arsenal in the same top 6 bracket right now. Even though it might be that they held Chelsea to a goalless draw at Stanford Bridge, the level at which the other teams in the top six are performing against the bottom half of the table, leaves quite a lot left to be desired for the Gunners.

Perhaps a good indicator would be the fact that FPL managers being simply uninterested in any Arsenal players, with probably the lone exception of Kolasinac for this upcoming game week. There aren't big names, the likes of Kane, Morata, and Lukaku that make the knees tremble for minnows. Of course, there is Lacazette, who has performed relatively well with 2 goals in 4 appearances, and Welbeck after 3 goals in 5 appearances has been duly injured and returned to his day job at the hospital. But how many will put their money on the Gunners running riot against West Brom, who are currently tenth (two places ahead of their Monday rivals)? Wenger’s record at the Emirates against Pulis is 10 wins from 10 games, but the fact that there is always this niggling doubt that West Brom will give headaches?

I blame much of this to the manner in which the Sanchez saga was handled by Wenger and the management. In the wake of having exited the Champions League after almost two decades of consecutive appearances, this was the perfect wake-up call, for Arsenal to rustle some feathers, and get some top talents. Two transfers are hardly enough for the vacuum the likes of Özil, Sanchez and Cazorla will leave/have left. The creative prowess in the midfield is shambolic, to the say the least. So much still needs to be done in the Arsenal camp, and the recent run of games are simply not enough to rest the nerves from the defeat at Stoke and the thumping from Liverpool. This was simply expected from the end of the transfer period.

It almost seems as if all that "Wenger Out" planes and the substantial, but perhaps, half-hearted protests from the fans from last season have gone entirely unheard. Gazidis and Kroenke are still in charge, and there seems to be absolutely no change at Arsenal. And if they pull a top 4 finish out of the hat at the end of this, it will be nothing short of a miracle.